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Out of here

BIB where you going?


That might be cool for you. But there are others of us who appreciate and desire his input.

These personal animosities don’t interest me. Never understood why people who dislike one another just can’t ignore each other.


You’re a hell of a guy.

Take care!

Over and out.


Originally Posted by Jersey

That might be cool for you. But there are others of us who appreciate and desire his input.

These personal animosities don’t interest me. Never understood why people who dislike one another just can’t ignore each other.

I see you are unable to grasp Secjay’s humor. I don’t blame you for it, you are too new.

Me… I just feel damn lucky that I already have my hanger and feel bad for the people that won’t get theirs. Also the tutoring that I’ve received has been irreplaceable.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Jersey - like I said, I am not trying to downplay his role in the overall scheme of PE.

For the best part I did ignore him. Hey - that was the happiest farewell I could offer, OK.

Bib: Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. Go, retire, be happy, dude. You’ve made your mark here and changed the lives of many. PE won’t be the same without you, but even after you’re gone, the legend will live on.

Okay, guys, in the words of the BIGGER man, let’s get busy.

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No Nukes

Base and Secjay,

If this is all some inside joke then screw you guys:)

Base: I never could appreciate Aussie humor. I mean that whole Olivia Newton John thing had to be a sick joke, only I could never figure out the punchline.

This is wrong. Bib, everything that could have been said about you has been said. It’s just too damn bad that our brains aren’t like hard drives so we would be able to copy all that knowledge you have in yours and put it in someone else who is going to be around for much longer. You offer insights that no one else can. And your selflessness and your ability to help others is well noted. Sorry to do a 180 on you here, but even though others have asked this, I will ask as well. Just why are you leaving? Is it a personal reason? A family problem? Did someone her piss you off with some stupid statement? Really dude, let us in. We obviously care and want to know.

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Class act. He’s everything else mentioned here, too. But when I think of Bib, I think of class. He had a standard for communicating and never seemed to go below that standard. We’ve lost one class act on here. Everyone contributes in some way, good or bad. This man added class to the forum. If nothing else, I will miss the way he handled himself and presented his point of view. It was always with class.


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marty5379 is spot on. Bigger is a class act. He answered so many
of our questions (good and bad) with courtesy and genuine interest.

This post may start to sound like a eulogy, but it is worth mentioning the valuable
information that Bib has shared.

Bib has answered my posts, replied to my PMs, and earned my trust with my
credit card when I ordered the Bib hanger.
Not to mention my name and address.

He is truly a pioneer in the PE field.
But it is more than PE that sets Bib apart from the rest.
It is his integrity.
Bib’s wisdom and respectful and professional manner is second to none.

I don’t post here that much because of the political and social “bent” of the Forum
is contradictory to my own. I’ve learned what parts of the site to ignore but
sometimes one can not help but run into disagreeable items, for example: avatars and
sig lines.
Some of the stuff is very hard to swallow. The management should know
it alienates some of the membership. It alienates me, at least.
What does this have to do with Bib leaving?
Well, Bib offered credibility to Thunder’s Place. Without Bib,
Thunder’s Place is only forums that re-hash the “same old same old” along with
some jokes and various exhibits into depravity. Most recently a post regarding incest
was defended by one of the Moderators. I believe he excused it as “fantasy.”
Do I really want to be a part of that kind of Forum?

Thunder’s Place has lost an integral part of it’s Forum.
I just hate to think that Bib was forced (passively of course) out by people
with a slanted political and social agenda.
Because, right now, that’s exactly how I feel.

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Can’t somebody stop him. Seriously, somebody here has to know him. Talk to him. Talk him out of it. His contributions and insight are way to invaluable. I haven’t even started hanging yet. But, I have been hanging on his words. THIS IS NOT FAIR. I feel like my favorite teacher just quit half way through the school year.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

Good Luck in all of your future endeavours man. You will reach great lengths in whatever it is your heart desires at the time.

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Please,don’t leave us alone Bib.
You are a hero for many guys around here.
So many people are loving you so much.They look up to you,they need you!!

Please,think over your decision,perhaps you can reduce your activities in this forum,but please don’t leave us completely.
You cant go,there are so many people who need you.You are an institution, a role model.
The people need you as person,as a friend and as a mentor.
The PE world would be never the same when you go.Please stay,we need you so much.
Think to the people you helped in the past and think to the people you can help in the future.Don’t go away.

I know you not very well, but you gave me a good motivation and a good hanger.When you answered to my questions, i feel always better, and i knew each time,there is always a human out there, who is there when i have a problem.A person who helps the people.
I thank you so much for that.
You are good person,perhaps an angel.You have to realize this.Angels don’t go away.
Please stay BIB,please stay.

Most of us have been expecting this for a while and every good thing has to come to an end. I found this wonderful site about two years ago and although I just started hanging, BiB has been a huge inspiration with his hard work, dedication to our success and I hope you will find much happiness in whatever you do. But the burning quetion is can anyone take his place. NAH


I haven’t been around long (like a month), however, I know a reliable source when I see (read) them. Thanks for your great and ledgendary posts. I don’t know how someone can leave a community like this. Thanks for the hanger! PEig is like an itch. I just wish I could itch it all the time! Farewinds!


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