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Out of here

Bib definitely deserves his props for sticking around as long as he did. If I had to answer a thousand questions every time I came here, I would’ve snapped a long time ago. He has opened Pandora’s Box when it comes to PE… I don’t blame him for wanting to close it.

When you think about it, he could have totally just sold the patent(s) for his hangers to some creep company, made a few million, and retired years ago without even giving a fuck… but he didn’t. He stuck around, still made hangers, and helped everyone who asked. Maybe it just became too much. Leadership has been thrusted upon him by everyone and maybe he just needed a break from it all. Too much responsibility, ya know? He deserves a break. And his hangers are totally unique… he deserves to get rich off of them. I hope he does.

You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Bib definitely taught everyone how to fish.

Maybe he’ll pull a Barbra Streisand and come back again. Who knows?

Now you’ve gone and insulted Bib by putting him in the same sentence as Barbara Streisand.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I wish you the best for your future, Bib.

One question, the ordering page is not there anymore on, does this mean there will be no more Bib Hangers? Can they still be ordered?

Best of luck with whatever you do.

Have gained from your knowledge ( LOT theory), help you have given to others
and the inspiration from your posts. And 1/4” from the Bib Starter.


Bib is the greatest. Period. No comparison. And I have told him so on several occasions.

Other guys may surpass his size (I’m chasing him for sure) but no one can equal him in contributions. It’s more than the fact that he ended up at 10+”. It’s the knowledge/ experience, revolutionary concepts and the unequaled tool (BH).

Bib does not have a peer in PE. And there is no heir apparent.

I don’t think Bib has tired of his role as mentor.

Bib loves us as much as we love him. I often wondered if Bib thought of us in a parental role? Like we were his unruly charges? If he felt regret when we ran afoul with foolish, over-zealous hanging attempts? Or happines and satisfaction when goals were reached?

I think he does. And I think Bib still wants to be a part of our lives.

Bib is the King. He should be courted to continue his reign. Or we should go to him. This is a PE site after all. He is an unequalled PE mind. Everything else takes a back seat unless scope of the site changes.


I’m sorry to see you have left us. Hope you decide to tune in and keep us on the up and up. Your LOT theory is dynamite!! It definitely has helped me, and many, many others. Good luck with whatever your new goals are.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Much respect and love to you.

I’ll never forget the old PE boards and how you helped me and others.

Live long and prosper BIB!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Damn … I knew I’d see this post someday. You’ve helped a lot of people, myself included. I have been reading your posts since PE Forums was first born, and it was you and you alone that convinced me that PE was even possible as opposed to a load of bullshit. I know that you have a life outside of PE, and it is definitely respected. Thanks for the loads of insight, knowledge, and time that you have dedicated to the PE scene. You are a true pioneer. Fare thee well.



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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Originally Posted by UIShrike
I understand where you’re coming from penismith. I got the same feeling from reading his first post. But there have been numerous pleas here (and I have to believe privately too, through PMs and emails) for him to at least explain why the sudden depparture, the sudden rupture of an attachment that was fruitfull for many people. I would be extremely interested, as well as most of the ones who posted in this thread, to hear Bib at least give a short explanation of the reason(s) for this decision. But this is in his power and will, and only he knows if he want’s too or not.

That was my point exactly. For a man to do what he has done this past years, with little to no interest financially, shows a great character. There are ones who I believe don’t like is opinions, or whatever. But there has to be respect for the man, the person is above it’s opinions. We can argue with the opinions but looking at the person we see unselfishness (that’s how I see it, at least). So bottom line is, if Bib decides to express his reasons, there are many people here (me included) that are eager to read them. I just condemn the “pressure” some guys advised. That’s why I asked for his opinion to be respected.

Ditto. Agreed 100%.

I think we agree on everything. I am sorry for how my post sounded.

BIB, thanks for what you did for me, thanks for everything bud. Does this mean we can no longer buy BIBs?

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5 1/8 girth 9/21/11


That’s a bit of a blow…

No more hangers? No more well researched advice?


For once I agree with Hook. I think if I had gotten all my gains like Bigger I would have buggered off and only called in sporadically, but as has been said - you are of a different class, Bigger. Part of the old guard, the godfathers of PE.

I would like to see you stick around yet, but I respect your decision to go - if you must.

You will be missed.

See Ya,


Is Bib referring to Thunder’s Place policies of censorship in some cases, what does he mean?

Originally Posted by JapanNikon
Is Bib referring to Thunder’s Place policies of censorship in some cases, what does he mean?

What makes you think Bib is referring to that?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

This right here made me think that. Am I off base or something, or am I right on and is it about that?

Always remember, freedom is dear. Decide to pay the price, or lose it.

Good luck in your other pursuits Bib. Thanks for all the indepth thoughtful replies.
The vast majority of questions have been answered in one form or another by Bib, suppose I’ll just have to hone my search function skills.

Thanks for the inches! probably adds up to miles with all the guys you have helped.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...


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