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Out of here


Well, Bigger, if you are still checking on this thread, I just wanted to say a belated thanks for all you have done for the art of PE.

I myself haven’t checked into hanging yet, as I can’t get the quality privacy to do so just as of yet, and I will study intently your instructions for the hanger and probably concoct one of my own, since I love to tinker and build things.

I wish you well in all that you do, even though I never interacted with you personally, I admire your contributions.


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Boy, I go away for a while…

Thanks for everything Bib. I wish you well.

Well Larry, thats what you get when you cruise at 8500’ :chuckle:

The man is obviously a legend of the PE world and there is no doubt about that. He is well loved and respected. No one will even question that. He has made tireless and selfless contributions to Thunders but for him to suddenly vanish and disappear like that is rather unusual behavior. I think that It accounts for a lot more than just a personal exit strategy. My guess after after seen enough of Bibs writing style (especially his debating style) and whatever I could infer about his demeanor and personality from it…

My intuition here tells me that he is not a man that likes to be confronted or argued with and although he is normally a very rational and logical character, when he does get emotional—you will find that he gets emotional rather quickly if you rub him in just the wrong way. Without any disrespect intended towards this great man, my guess is that he wrote this short departure in a fit of rage, much the same way you might argue with your girl/spouse and leave the house angry and slam the door behind you. Bib, you are a loved man here on Thunders as evidenced by all the replies however I think that instead of replying over and over again to your emails. It makes more sense to just air this out on the forum out respect for all the people that admire you and love you. They are innocent in all this and deserve better treatment than that. Unless you and Thunder made a pact to not air it in the forum I think your fans deserve the right to know whats going on.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that despite whatever principal Thunder and Bib may have argued over, it has nothing to do with making the proper departure and good bye to all the people that loved you.
The type of goodbye that takes the forum members feelings in to some account and allows them to have some kind of closure. Bib, if you are reading this, I sincerely wish you well in all your endeavors and trust that you understand that there no malice is intended in this post. It is simply to point out what others may have been afraid to mention because you are so well respected and loved.
In any case…All the best to you and your family.


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Bib had been contemplating (overtly) leaving T’s Place for a long time. Go back and read his posts for the last two years and you’ll see that he had quite enough of penis talk and redundant questions. But I know you know this already. To characterize his departure as sudden is disingenuous.

My intuition tells me that the anger in his last post was directed at only a few people in the forum’s
administration - not the forum’s populace. So I take no offence.

Bib owes Ramrod nothing. It is I who owe Bib.
I have no complaints about how he left this place.
But I am still upset for why Bib left. And not at Bib.

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Damn, I am just reading this thread now. It is hard to believe that he is gone. I am hanging at the moment with the hanger he designed. He is the only person who knows my home address. I read his box in his own handwriting he mailed me with sadness.

PO BOX 1291

Wow! He is gone like the wind. Take care Bro and thanks for the gains!

You make it sound like he’s dead or something…

Come back.

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What commanderblop said in the post above. ;)

I can’t believe you guys bumped this old thread. Bigger is always welcome back the porch light is on and the key is under the mat.

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Did anyone ever email bib to find out what happened?

Only asking because I’m curious. O:-)

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Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic
Did anyone ever email bib to find out what happened?

Only asking because I’m curious. O:-)

Yeah, I “bumped” this because it was the last post I saw Bib post. I was doing a search to see why he left — I wanted to “find out what happened”, too — and this is the last one from Bib I found.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Tis a sad thing. Can’t we just all get along people… j/k. It does suck he left though. :)

Always look at the bright side of life - now when Mr. 11 inch left, there’s more room for us to fit in :) .


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