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Newbie needs help

Newbie needs help

Hi I was thinking about getting into a length routine for a little while and after having no luck with anything else I figured stretching or hanging was my only way. So I was thinking about stretching for extended periods of time but found that to be inconsistant and hard on the hands so I am here to ask what I need to begin hanging. Are there any warnings anyone can give me or any good advice like how many times a day should I do this or how many times per week. I heard horror stories about hanging but then I found that all the mishaps were caused by something they did wrong, so I ant to make sure that doesnt happen. The main question is what do I need to start? In the mean time I will continue stretching. Thanks!

You will need something to attach to your dick to hang the weight from, so do a search -maybe using keyword “hanging”. There are alot of different methods and hangers out there. Bib is selling hangers again, good investment. Search, search, search.

Knowledge is power, so study all you can to avoid injuring yourself. Be patient, hanging is not an overnight thing. Listen to your body and weigh out all of the info. that you gather from this resourceful forum. There are alot of guys here that have achieved great results using many different methods and devices. So, go with what is best suited for you as far as time constraints and routines. Good Luck with your quest.

"If you build it, they will come".

Look at tom’s workshop page, there’s a link at the bottom. That will give you the basics and a hanger that you can build at home if you want to use that one. If you need any more detailed information you can post on or search the boards.

Good Luck

Thanks a lot guys

Also wanted to check out the bib hanger, wondering how I can get one.

LOL how you can get one??

Just like the rest of us who have a BIB…ORDER IT! Like Tryn4more said do your homework. Dont be mentally lazy…the more you know on the subject the better and the better results you are likely to have. Thunder has recently posted some pics of the BIB full size and Starter model (I prefer the starter even though I’m 5.5ish flaccid…I can place it farther back on my penis and keep it away from the glans) and I have posted a pic of myself hanging 12.5lbs with my Starter model in that same thread (member pics forum). If you do buy a BIB, make sure you pay the extra few bucks and get some Theraband with it. You get about a 3 foot long by 6 inch or so wide strip that should last you quite a while as you can cut several strips from it….I expect it to last me as long as it takes to hit 9”….even if that means another year or longer. So, what do you need to hang weights? Knowledge, an open mind, commitment to a predetermined goal (lengthwise), a hanger whatever you decide to buy or make, some weights … Wal Mart here in town I picked up 27.5lbs worth of plates (2 10lb plates, a 5lb plate and a 2.5lb plate) for about 12 dollars….and patience.


They are a little more than I am willing to dish out cash wise at the moment so I will continue stretching and see where that gets me. Not to say I wont spend the money on it in the future I just owe it to myself to try everything I can before spending much money.

Stillwantmore22- Good point I was being lazy, I will use this time of stretching manualy to research hanging fully. Its always good to have feedback like that.

joe seven,

He who hesitates is lost. That means - This fall, Bib will no longer be selling hangers because his boys will be going back to school (they are making them as a summer job). If you are seriously into PE and specifically want to hang, you had better get a Bib now because you won’t be able to get one later. I made and used several AFB hangers while all the time wanting a Bib. He was not selling them so I was out of luck. Most of the guys using the Bib were reporting good gains and that made it even worse for me because I didn’t have one. When I finally got one, I was sold on it immediately. Now, I’d pull out one of my guns if someone tried to take it! Enough said.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Joe Seven,

If you have the money and you are serious about increasing the size of your penis, buy a BIB hanger now. It’s well worth the money.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"



Although I’m only 5 1/2 inches BPEL I bought first a BIB starter and am so happy with it I also bought a full size BIB, even though I probably won’t be able to use it for another six months. This is really a first class device so I’d second others reccomendations to do what ever is necessary to come up with the loot while BIBs are still available.



I thought it said it didnt matter what length you are and that the starter just allowed people with a smaller girth to hang? I am 7 inches so I think the regular one would be the best for me in that case. What have some of your gains been and when did you start? Well I will see what I can do as far as money goes. Thanks.



If I remember correctly, Bigger recommended a Starter for those under 6 inches. You’d qualify for full size which will give you more comfort at higher weights. I noticed that Stillwantmore22 (who is larger than 6in) chose to go with a starter model. I’d querry him more about his choice. The starter model would permit positioning the hanger closer to the glans making it possible to stretch more of the shaft, however the ability to go up to higher weights ,with comfort, may out weigh the positioning factor. You’re substantially larger than I , so you may well need higher weights.

Being 74 with significant ED I did not get a starting measurement however after about four months of hanging I believe I,ve gained about 1/2 inch. Boxcar23 who is about 5 years older gained about 2 1/2 inches in less than a year. Look up Bigger’s post, and Boxcar’s.

I believe Bigger mentions criteria ffor size at his website on the BIB’s which I believe can be reached by going to the bottom of the page and click on BIB hanger site.

You won’t be sorry.

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