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newbie hanging question

newbie hanging question

hi everyone, i’m looking to gain length, from what i’ve read hanging is probably the best option (correct me if i’m wrong?). Now I have a few questions about hanging…
Is there a girth minimum for the hanging devices? I’m pretty thin when flaccid.
Is there an alternative to the Bib hanger? anything else out there maybe cheaper?
Any drawbacks to hanging?

thanks all ^^

I have only recently started hanging myself so my knowledge is limited. However, I think the best option for a cheap hanger is to build your own Captains Wench (instructions thread found on main page). I too have thin flacid girth so to compensate for this I wear to clamps instead of one which allows for better grip and thus the ability to hang more weight. To be honest I can’t see the point in spending money on PE gadgets as it is nearly always possible to make these things yourself for a fraction of the price and they do exactly the same thing. The best place to find accessories needed is ebay, they seem to sell everything there, otherwise you need to trall hardware stores and they never seem to have everything needed in the same store. Good luck with your gains.

I agree with Joey, if your strapped for cash. The Wench is the way to go. All the necessary stuff to make it will cost you about 10 dollars. If you have a little money to spend, look into the Bib Hanger or the Redi-Stretcher. As far as being too thin for a stretcher, you can always wrap it with Ace wrap or Theraband.

Drawbacks to hanging… TIME. Ultimately, you will need a lot of time on your hands as you get use to hanging more sets.

Good Luck!


Since I am still a newbie, and would never consider myself to be anything more than a little informed about this, I can only go by what I have gone through in the last few months. But I still feel that it might be appropriate in this thread. After finding Thunder’s and realizing that there could be changes made without surgery, I read through so many threads and posts that they all seemed to run together after a while. But I knew that I wanted to start hanging. I started with the newbie routine with jelqs and manual stretches. I didn’t have much extra cash for PE and decided to make my own hanger(s.) I started off with the swimming cap and using a gallon of water for the weight. But, I knew after a week that I was going to have to find something better. That is when I found the Wench. It took a few days to gather all the materials, and I could hardly wait to get started.

I bought some barbell weights and within a couple of weeks I had no problem hanging three 20 minute sets in the morning and evening with 10 lbs. Gradually increasing the weights I went up to 17 1/2 lbs in a month. But at this point I was getting way too much skin soreness and couldn’t continue at the weight. In fact, after a month I had to stop hanging because of severe red dots on the glans and upper shaft. I stopped hanging for about six weeks, and had to make another wench, and that seemed to help, the reds dots stopped. I started hanging regularly again at 10 lbs. and increased back to 15 fairly quickly. But I never did really find that point where I was supposed to feel real fatigue in the ligs.

Finally, after asking around, I decided to break down and buy a BIB starter. It just arrived last week and all I can say is WOW! I wished now that I had made this purchase when I first started. It is incredibly comfortable, and I can actually feel that tug on the ligs better that I ever could with any other hanger. I now can feel the fatigue, don’t have the skin soreness that I had, and have had no problems with the increased weight. 20 lbs in no problem, but I only use that much for half of the first set and will continue to increase the time until I use this much for each of the three sets.

I know that this has been a fairly rambling post, but all I can say from my experience is that when it comes to hanging, I think that there is no better device around than the BIB. My only regret is that I didn’t break down and find a way to purchase it when I first started this PE endeavor. It is definitely worth the money.

Good post crueljoke. I unfortunely don’t have the money for a BIB starter right now, so I just made my own version of Piet’s hanger and it seems to work fine, it just took a while to get used to figuring out how to wrap correctly, tighten the screws just right for certain angles, placing the hanger in the correct position,etc till I really felt some good soreness. I actually hope I don’t need a BIB but if I do then I’ll take your advice and scrounge the money to get one of those. Defintly sounds worth it.

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