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A newbie question. pls help

A newbie question. pls help

Hi guys!I can’t describe you how much I like this site:)
I have a question about my routine:
I am doing every evening these things:
1)hot wrap
2)hanging for 1h (10mins hang,10 mins rest)
3)hot wrap
4)jelqing for 10 minutes
5)hot wrap
Is there something wrong or is it too much to do it every day?
And I’ve read that hanging should be done at the morning and the evening for 2 hours of hanging per day.
Is it good my routine for start and if not what should I change?

Thank you people

Hi unknown_user,

Welcome to the forum.

How long have you been hanging?
What weight do you use?
What are you hanging with?
Are you circumcised?
What type of hot wrap are you using?

>Is there something wrong or is it too much to do it every day?<
More weight early on is bad. More time is a different matter. More time with not enough weight and you are in ADS territory, more time at a greater weight is probably fine but with PE you always want to keep in mind a route up - a way to increase when gains slow.

>And I’ve read that hanging should be done at the morning and the evening for 2 hours of hanging per day.<
2 sessions a day may help on the principle that your penis spents more time each day deformed (after hanging). What you are looking for is controlled deformation and the thought is the more time the penis is in an extended state the more chance for the penis to heal extended.

I am a firm believer in only jelqing every other day. It supposedly allows more time for the penis to heal. Stretching can be done as much as the penis can handle though as I see it. I’m by no means an expert. I just go by what I read and what makes the most sense. :) Hopefully some more senior members will chime in.


I also go 1 on 1 off now. I agree with your logic 100%. I am a newbie still and haven’t measured myself since I started my program about a month ago. So I cannot even say whether it even works or doesn’t work for me.
If it doesn’t, I will go for 2 on 1 off. If this doesn’t work - 3 on 1 off and so on.

In my opinion, it’s better for a newbie to start with 1 on 1 off because
1. More recovery time, less chance of injury
2. You can always intensify your routine later.

I’ve started the routine 4 days ago and I’m hanging with 1kg (for start).I’m hanging with a device which I’ve found in this site “tom hubbard’s early site”.My warmig is in the shower and no, I am not circumcised.

I wanted to know is it better to hang 2 times a day or not cause I’ve heard that after the routine at least 24 hours shoud be for rest and recovering.And now I am thinking maybe 5days on 1day off?

I have some questions, any expert wants to give their input.
I am not a newbie to PE. I have been doing PE for many years, on and off. I began again. My aim is to gain an inch of girth, so I do wrapping and tying at the base, then letting blood flow in to make it hard. Then I leave that for 10-15 mins, following that I do 5 mins of jelq. The problem is that when I am doing jelq, there is only 30-40% blood/erection. I feel weak. Slowly it shrinks in. What is causing lack of blood flow and weakness?

Current stats: BPEL: 7 EG: 4.75

Goal is 8"x6". Started hanging 2.5lbs. 2hrs minimum/day 5-6days/week. 3 days not much fatigue.

Increased weight to 5lb. Feeling fatigue at base.

PE: hanging 2-4hrs/day -- 5lbs, very slow weight increase, 1 month test.

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