New to hanging - uncut

Hello all, this is my first post on Thunders; good to be here. I’ve been peing for about a year lurking this site doing manual routines and have gained 13/16” length after newbie gains and 1/2” girth. But have been stuck in plateauville for over three months. So I’m currently on week three of my decon break before I jump into hanging. I’ve created my own AFB hanger out of some wood, rod, and wingnuts. My current plan is to wrap with a sock underneath some theraband. From reading Bib’s and others advice I’m currently planning on wrapping with the foreskin over my head; feel free to persuade/dissuade me of this, but I’m also wondering is there anything laying around the house that could be better than a sock? I cut it in half and it’s only 7” in length so not too much padding.
My routine for PE would be as follows:
Come home from work hang 2x20 minute set with 10 minute breaks.
Jelq for 20 minutes.
Edge for 20 minutes.
Before bed hang 1x20 minute set.
I would do this 7 days on for the hanging and possible jelqing but only edge 2/3 on 1 off.
I’d love input on this routine as I’ve yet to read of one like it. Maybe for good reason? :)
Also. Is splitting up my sets the preferred way of doing this? I’ve read of it by Bib. But maybe it’s only recommended to split sets when you’re doing more than three sets at a time?
When I’m not hanging or actively doing PE I would be fowfering. While at work I can’t do any PE other than piss pulls to help keep myself elongated, as far as I know. Wrapping myself may work but the way I did it before I caused some severe trauma to myself.

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