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uncut and hanging

uncut and hanging

hi im new to PE, been doing jelqs v streches and kegles for about a week now, but in this time ive been reading up on hanging, which i hope to start doing in a few months. alot post have been a bit vauge about wether different hanging devices work on cut and un cut guys, and alot of the images and videos the guy has been cut.

what sort of devices can be used on uncut people?, i was plaining on making my own.

thanks everyone, you got a great site here.

Welcome to Thunders Place. When you get a chance, please read the forum guidelines, especially the bit on capitalisation and style. Thanks!

To answer your question, the hangers work equally as well whether you are cut or uncut.
I have used the Wench, CCH3 and the production Bib hanger and all work well.

The materials for the Wench may be found at Bunnings or Clark Rubber stores. If you need any more information, just ask.

Oh shit sorry i forgot about capitalisation and that, the rest of the forums i goto don’t care about that. and I’m dyslexic sorry

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