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Hanging for the uncut penis

Hanging for the uncut penis


Here’s my method. I use a swimcap wrapped around my penis and tighten it with rubber bands. I leave enough swimcap material over and beyond the glans so that I can stick the S-hook through the swimcap. I find that the strength of the swimcap material is strong enough to withstand the weights that I hang on the S-hook. I never understood why people used strings when they can just make two holes at the end of the swimcap and put the S-hook through. This seems to work pretty well although I’d love to know what other uncut guys are doing. My main concern is that, as an uncut guy, I’m stretching my skin rather than my ligaments.

The one big downside to my current method is that after a while, depending on how tight the rubber bands are around the swimcap, the whole apparatus is pulled down through my glans (maybe my head is not that big?). To solve this problem, I’ve had to make the rubber bands very tight. Unfortunately this is not very comfortable especially after 30 minutes of hanging. What’s worse, it hurts quite a bit taking it off.

Are there better hanging methods for uncut guys out there? I’m thinking about buying a bibstarter but don’t know if it was built with uncut penises in mind. Any uncut guys have success with it?

It works for any dick. It just takes a different wrapping approach with the same equipment. Look up posts by SS4JELQ, he is uncut and a master hanger.

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