New Routine

I have been hanging and doing ads with monkeybars vacuhanger and vacextender and I want to add in some jelqing into the routine. Right now I usually light hang (around 4 pounds) for around 2 hours and then use the ads for as much as possible (around 2-4 hours) and I have gotten gains but I want to add in jelqing.

The reason I want to add jelqing is because I have gained over .5 inches in base girth just from using this routine in two months and it really shows since my base girth was already bigger then the rest of my penis. The routine I am doing now I do every day and some days I do more or less but I am always doing some stretching.

If I were to add jelqing how many days a week should I jelq and how much should I do. Also at what % of erection should I have. Do you think this will help with my girth/length or do you think it might slow my length gains? Also should I jelq after hanging and if I do would that require another warmup. Any responses would be great. Thanks in advance.