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Need to hang more than 10lbs. Vac-Hanger.


Need to hang more than 10lbs. Vac-Hanger.

I have been hanging 10lbs., using my vac-hanger for a couple months now. I haven’t every really felt fatigued from this weight, perhaps the first week or two when I started.

I would like to know what people recommend for me to up my weight comfortably. When I tried 12.5lbs, and took the vac-hanger off after maybe 15mins, there was blood from the tip!

My thinking is, perhaps the blue sheaths, are stretching too much, causing an even higher increase in vacuum. My glans are pretty well conditioned, since I didnt even notice the blood, til I looked down. Do you think I should give the “green” sleeves from MB a shot? Havent heard much on people using these.

I would like to get to the 15-20lb. Range, and hopefully start feeling some lig burn again.
I have a malebridge as well, but havent really tried it at all. I don’t think it’s sized for me right, and probably will hold even less than 10lbs.

I’m even willing to make some custom sleeves, if someone can confirm of a harder silicone compound, than what the blue or green sleeves are? 030 shore hardness.hmmm..


I know I can’t vacuum hang with that much weight. I get water blisters or blood blisters. I prefer longer sessions at lower weight. Me thinks you’re going to have to do some mechanical form of hanging if you want to increase the weight by that much.

You left out the most important piece of info, are you seeing gains?

Another option, if the ligs are not seeing fatigue, would be to do some tunica work with a fulcrum.

If you do attempt to make some custom sleeves, maybe try a two part pour, one with a soft material and a second, stiffer material to support the weight? Here are some I played with.
tps - Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Careful with the shore hardness if you’re not familiar with the scales:

If you have a broken sleeve and wanted to send it to me, I could tell you what durometer it is.

I have the green MB vac sleeves and they perform far better at heavier weight. Wow, that blood shit you mentioned would freak me out! I haven’t experienced any gains to speak of after hanging 10+ hours a weak with around 15 lbs. I tried 18 pounds last week and on the 3rd 1/2 hour session I had a big water blister that took me out of the game for a while - all better now though.

Buy the green sleeves, you’ll be glad you did.

PE START (11/10/07) 6.0 NBP x ~5.1 CURRENT (3/07/08) 6.75 NBP x 5.5 - 7.25 BPEL

1/4" with Noose extender (11/06-03/07) - Zero gains with Vac-hanging/Extender and ADS (05/07-11/07) -

1/2" gain with modified Vac-Extender (/w spring loaded compression bars) and manual routine since 1/10/08. ----- Having erection issues? Get off the aspartame! I did and a couple months later my cock is hard as a rock!

Tps- I haven’t been seeing any EL gains at all. I have been getting a nice flaccid hang, but that still discouraging, when I’m hanging diligently about hour a day, perhaps more. I have hung with a pulley system, while watching t.v. Where it pulls straight out, maybe a little upward. I started out hanging straight down, and have gone back to straight down once again.

I was looking at that silicone site, and the stuff you use is 30 shore harness, but they also have a sorta-clear, that is 40 hardness. Just a thought on stepping it up, but it could be too stiff at the level.

I would love to try at a fulcrum system, but never have gotten that part of it down. I have MB’s extender, with the fulcrum attachments, and have tried using a dowel over/under, but didn’t really feel any pull. Sometimes it makes the vac-hanger a bit unsettled from the angle as well. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on a better approach. I’ve read a couple threads where people made a fulcrum, but to no success..


Originally Posted by kushextender
I was looking at that silicone site, and the stuff you use is 30 shore harness, but they also have a sorta-clear, that is 40 hardness. Just a thought on stepping it up, but it could be too stiff at the level.

This is why I posted the wiki thing on durometer, it’s confusing. The stuff in the make your own sleeve thread is 0030, which is a lot different than 30.

Wish I knew more about vacuum hanging, but it’s not something I’m comfortable doing myself. However, if you’re not seeing gains, I don’t know if I’d just throw more weight at it. If you really want to hit the ligs, you can even do it with little weight/tension. Stretch your penis and put pressure down right on the lig where it exits your pelvic area. I usually worked one side at a time as this can be pretty intense. Used to use a hand on my heated rice sock for this. Could even weight the rice sock and do it hands free. Might be a thought.

FWIW, I have a large redi-stretcher, and I can’t get it to grip me at all. I noticed your links below, and perhaps theres some magical technique, but for me, It just slips right past the glans.

Maybe if I got my wrap down right, I could start using the redi-stretcher, or my bib hardcore.

I’ll do a search again on the secondary force, a.k.a. Fulcrum, and hopefully I can figure out something suitable.
Thanks tps for the advice thus far.


Are you just hanging or are you doing manual exercises also? Most people see gains when combining jelqing and hanging.

I’m doing caverject injections, along with hanging.

I can’t really maintain an erection to continuously jelq.. Although I have no problem with intercourse.

Try wrapping with medical tape. Cover your glans with toilet paper first to keep the tape from sticking to it. Then wrap a 6” strip over the top and down the shaft. Wrap another strip over the top, at 90 degrees to the first one. Finish off with one strip around the circumference of your dick just below your glans.

I’ve successfully hung 12.5# for over 3 hours at a time without breaks using this technique with monkeybar’s vacuum hanger, without ever getting a blister.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hi Modestoman,
You seem to be the master at wrapping. I have read all your posts in the past on this, and for some reason can’t manage it properly. It could just be my physical type, but I doubt thats the limiting factor.

Have you ever though of making a write-up on your wrapping technique with pictures?
I think this would help a great bunch to the community, than just myself.

Regardless, I will try your wrapping again to the best of my ability.

If you hang after an injection your dick will not be able to tolerate much weight regardless. Maybe that is your problem, not the hanger.

I did 20+ lbs. with the vacu-hanger and with the green sleeves monkeybar sells now its easy to get to heavy weight.

Hi baywatch. Good to hear. Do you find that your glans fit snugly in the vac-hanger “cup”, or is it more of a loose fit? I’m wondering if the sizing I have could contribute to the pull on the tip I’m experiencing.

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