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My virtual Hanger :D so far

My virtual Hanger :D so far

What you think guys, I made this one on Solidworks, a cad program.

The reason why I made it is because I plan to make it real.

It’s like this, we have a big expensive machine in my school, that allows you to make cad models and then put a piece of plastic inside it, and it spits out the model for you .

What you think of my design, any objections, suggestions? Does it look good? Comfortable?

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-------Starting Januari 1 2006 ---BPEL: 5.86" (14.9cm)---- ----EG: 5.9" (15cm)---- ------(( Goal ))------ BPEL: 7" (17.78cm)---- EG: 6.5" (16.5cm)----

Why do you need bolts in the center for?

How do you hang the weight from it; from each of the two center bolts to give even pull on both sides of the hanger?

Seriously consider some type of “quick release” mechanism instead of the “twistys” so it can be removed very quickly in case of emergency.

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Yeah, I’m gonna work with it more virtually before I make it, and I have reduced the curve, you were absolutely right about it.

You were right too, the center bolts are for wights. You have any suggestions on a quick release?

I know it kinda may look like some torture tool right now, haha, but when I make it will be with smaller nicer and more fitable screws and parts.

-------Starting Januari 1 2006 ---BPEL: 5.86" (14.9cm)---- ----EG: 5.9" (15cm)---- ------(( Goal ))------ BPEL: 7" (17.78cm)---- EG: 6.5" (16.5cm)----

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