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Just ordered my Bib.

Just ordered my Bib.

I finally my Bib. Its a Bib Starter.

Gains stalled at 7 7/8” - 8 1/16” BPEL. NBP is not great due to fat pad.

I believe the Bib will grab onto my internal penis structures and create lig gains rather quickly.

I used before Static Stretcher Heavy Duty and Vacutech pump.

My belief with the vacuum head stretchers is most of the load is on the head and the skin. I believe the load transferred thru the head mostly goes thru the corpus spongeum. Look at the anatomy charts.

My strategy is going to be doing the 3 to 6 hanging sessions of no longer than 20 minutes. I may use Static Stretcher in between sets to keep it extended with approx 3lbs of force. I’m going after lig based gains with BTC and SD hanging first. I’m hoping I can coax a .50” of new growth in a rather short period of time.

I also notice that my fat pad is similar to fat levels in my lower abdomen. I have alot of good muscle under this fat and in chasing the ripped look, I believe I can get my fat pad to .500” or lower. At the same time should revel a good ab and back development.

My strategy on this is low carbs mostly with one day carb up to keep the body from getting accustomed to it.

Going to workout every day with at least 30 minutes of cardio in the morning and a 1hr 30 minute weight session later in the day. Going to also be somewhat active with night life activities.

I want to get fat off my body that was even there when I was young. I’ve heard that this “old fat” is more resistant, but I’m intent to win this war. The benefit is once you get it off, its easier to keep it off or get it back off.

This post serves to motivate others at a similar point.

Be sure to keep everyone updated with how hanging works out for you. Good luck with you workout regimen.

I just ordered one and got it last week. So far I like it. Keep us posted on how you like it.

Will update. If I get at least the .50” within a reasonable time frame I’m really going to like it alot.

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I’ve been flirting with hanging lately, actually, I am currently a hanging routine, and what I’ve found is that hanging is a major PITA compared to other forms of PE, but you can somewhat multi-task while you hang. If I get good results from it, it will indeed be well worth it. I’m currently hanging BTC because I found a great way to do it. I have a preacher curl in apt. I place it to where I place my legs (achilles area) on the top of the preacher curl, the slope side is facing me while I lay the rest of my body on my bed. Good luck!

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

My Bib Starter finally arrived. Its much more durable in appearance than I thought it was.

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