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Is it OK to kegel while hanging??

Is it OK to kegel while hanging??

Have been hanging SD for a few months. Just rigged up pulley system to go SO and up. Great feeling pulling on new ligs.

While laying in bed for straight up, started to kegels.
From the hangers out there, is that OK??


you want to be completely flacid when you hang…so im gonna say no

It depends on the hanging position. No one really knows the answer yet to this question if kegels help while hanging but I have expieremented a little and tried kegeling in various positions and it really seems to put a good amout of tension on the ligs and penis attachment points when hanging in SO position, so it might help you get quicker gains but just be safe and do what you feel is right. People do consider this a advanced move and since you are now a newbie to hanging I would suggest expiermenting around a little to find out if that technique gives you quicker fatigue/soreness which is what we are looking for constantly in PE to get gains… Don’t forget you can also reverse kegel when you hang as well or just do so called DLD Blasters as you hang (which is kegel for a few secs while hanging then release the kegel and push out with your dick like you are trying to shoot your pee out harder to reverse kegel, that’s a DLD blaster).

I can kegel for hours on end without my dick moving at all (by blood flow I mean), so I always kegel while hanging. Been doing it for years now with no problems. My answer would be that as long as kegeling doesn’t lead to a plump dick (which is bad while hanging), then go for it. Just make sure you don’t kegel so violently that your weights jump up then crash down and rip your dick off… I imagine that wouldn’t feel to good.


Dr. Ruth is hot

Dr. Ruth says put a wet towel on your erect dick(Penis, Dr. Ruth would never say dick) and lift it with kegals. I do that with a Bib hanger and 25LBS BTC. Since I got a thing for doctors, I wonder if I could get a date with Dr. Ruth, and if she would be impressed.

Is she still alive? She’s got to be older than dust by now.

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