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hanging days are over now

hanging days are over now

Just to let everyone know, to add to my bad troubles, it seems my one prior constant in
life, hanging, is now over. It was the one thing that did not betray me. And for the first
time I have unlimited time, can you believe that! Oh, my big gain came from hellacious
hanging sessions back in late May/early June, when I felt hell break loose in there.

I am now limited to the less strenuous manual techniques, but they are less effective for ME.

After waiting 9 weeks for the last “knot” injury to heal, whererupon I took up the slack
with horse squeezes (no good for length), I came out of the closet, set up fairly low
weights (for me, no overdoing) and hung very short sessions, 2 20 minute sets (40 min
hang time only) for two days, for a total of only one hour 20 minutes hang time.

That compares to my old ways of 1.4-2.5 or more hour sessions, five on or more and whatever left
off, with no injuries.

Again, after the fourth session (which was in total comfort, no pain or anything), that hard bump
is back on the prepuce AGAIN, now that’s four times in a row going all the way back to Aprilish.

I just cannot hang and it does not matter anymore how I wrap or adjust or how low the weights

And I used to have all the answers to bib hanger problems. My physiology has changed, a
stronger, thicker unit that cannot take any hanging stresses. Blood bumps appeared too bu
I know how to adjust that with circulation, wrap, etc.

I never get fatigued like the old days, just wonderful, nice , stress-free stretches, and then the
debilitating knot on the end which is VERY slow to heal. Horse squeezes, as the theory would
suggest, helps to heal the knot, but I am doomed to never get past 9.5.

I waited until now so as not to “prematurely” cry wolf, but no guys, hanging cannot be done by
me any more, and I sure didn’t need this now. I have waited way past conservative restart for
four times in a row now. I cannot wait and never do PE.

Please don’t over analyze me for I am not in much of an analytical mind set. I don’t need any
“advice” from the well meaners. It is not that I do not appreciate it but…..

I just wanted to inform the board of something that is totally possible in PE, and is
beyond my control, and just “evolved” after two solid years of trouble free and relatively
injury-free hanging. I will say that this has something to do with being uncut, but do not
give the spiel on changing wrap techniques……believe me I know the score and have
tried everything.

It really sucks.

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9.5” thats pretty damn big. I don’t think none of us are going to pe for the rest of our lives.


phatboy extraordinare

I can feel your pain out here on the left coast. Like a good book that you can never finish.

Hello Phat9

You might not remember me, but i’ve been on these boards about as long as you i think, and we have spoken a few times. I am sorry that you cant hang anymore, I have thought about what would happen if I got an injury preventing me from carrying on with PE, having not reached my goals (or anywhere in my case). But at least now you can call yourself phat9 instead of phat8, and at least lots of people have made good gains from your advice. I dont know if there is a way for you to make length gains wihout hanging but i’m sure you’ll figure it out if there is.

I dont really know what else to say to cheer you up. Do you want to hear a joke?

A jump-lead walks into a bar. The bar man says:
“OK, i’ll serve you, just dont start anything”


What do you mean “knot” injury. I am not understanding or visualizing what you mean could you please explain it better for me? Thank you! TT

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