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Is 20 to 40 minutes a day enough ...

Is 20 to 40 minutes a day enough ...

I have been doing very seriously since September 2011 and I incorporated Hanging into my routine at the end of November.

For me stealth is a significant issue because of the number of people / children that live in my house and as a result I am only able to consistently get in 20 minutes of hanging a day. On a good day I get as much as 40 mins.
I hang 15 lbs with a Wrench and I am really only doing SD hanging. I expect to be moving up to 17.5 lbs in a week or so.

I also do
* 20-25 minutes of Jelqing / ulis (ending with 10 minutes of intense clamping)
* 20-25 minutes of manual stretches using golf weights as a fulcrum at several places on the shaft.
* Between sessions I wear an ADS as much as I can (usually to 3 hours a day)
(Stealth is less of an issue for these parts on my routine)

My question:
Since I am not able to get in a longer duration of hanging. Should I abandon the hanging effort and devote more time and attention to the manual stretching?

My gains were very good from Sept to December but I have hit a plateau since the end of December.
I like hanging .. and I have finally worked out how to wrap effectively, but I don’t want to waste time with it if the 20 minutes a day that i can commit is mot enough to be effective.


Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Well, if you gained, whatever you were doing was effective (a lot of work, btw). Since the end of december to now - that’s not enough time to tell if really you are stalling. I’d say if things don’t move in the next month, focus on just two things - say only hanging, trying to do as much you can, or just ADS (what kind?) + jeqls. The problem when mixing too may things is the one you are facing now: you don’t know what was giving gains and what not.

I suspect that I am over thinking this.

My real question is centered around whether or not 20 - 40 minutes is enough time to spend hanging.

Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Thanks for your thoughts … I will stay the course until February and see if I can get a little closer to the 7.5 BPEL milestone. If nothing happens, i suspect that a degree of focus is in order as you suggest

I am surely mixing a lot of techniques at the moment because I am working from home for a little while and I wanted to take advantage of the available time.

Regarding the ADS question:

I made one based on a thread that I read (forgot the name and author). It is not pretty but it does the job of giving me a consistent 2 - 4 pounds of pressure I estimate

I use a a basic wrap and a modified wrist wrap to attach to my johnson.
I then connect that to a strap around the knee using an s hook and 3 - 5 rubberbands.
I vary the tension based on the number of rubberbands connected to the s hook

Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Hanging 20 minutes a day, 7 days a week is 2.3 hours a week. That is about 1/4 of the recommended 10 hrs per week minimum. Even doubling that is still 50% of the minimum recommended.

Also, if you are not reaching fatigue (and not just attachment fatigue) then your set may not be doing much more than stretching skin (hence the initial gain).

I am a very slow gainer and I hang over 18 hours a week. I am retired and have privacy so no surprise.
One piece of good news is that 15 or 17 lbs is very high. My max is 14.25 after 3 months and I usually hang much less to get to fatigue.

We are all different, but how much different? You could gain from this but that would be very surprising to many people here.

It is also my experience that if you hang too little and not get the gains going, you might be creating a huge limiting factor at your current length, kind of like cementing your ligs in the same spot. I believe this is what I did 6 years ago and it took a lot to get the gains going again.

The only thing I can think of is an extender. I tried one and they are too uncomfortable for me. I also need more tension to make things stretch. If you do try an extender I would suggest the spring type. I tried the static length type and again, uncomfortable. I believe however that if you got creative with the attachment of the extender, you might hit on something that works. I did not have luck with the noose, the comfort pad, nor the vac type attachment but I did not try that hard because I have always had the option to hang with a BIB hanger.

Sorry if this sounds disappointing but there is no shortcut to a bigger penis otherwise many guys would be sporting 10 inchers.


I think reaching fatigue is the best indicator. If you did several sets of manual stretches, wore an ADS all day, and then were only able to handle one hanging session because of fatigue then the hanging session really wouldn’t be a waste. It would just be one more way of ensuring that you’re reaching that point of stress needed to make gains.

I now believe that hanging for a longer amount of time works much better than hanging for less time with heavier weight. I’ve only been hanging for about 4 months and got up to hanging 20 pounds in that time. Then a month ago I dropped the weight to 10-12.5 pounds on average and use more sets to reach fatigue and I’ve made more length gains in the past month than I did in the first three. But like I said, if you’re just using hanging as a way to squeeze out that last little bit of stress to reach fatigue and make gains then I think it’ll work fine, but you could try to swap some of your time doing manual stretches for more hanging time. It’s only taken me 4 months to realize that hanging works wonders compared to the pumping, manual stretching, and jelqing that gave me little to no results in the time I spent doing them.

SheLovesIt (SLI) and El Mucho,

Thank you for your thoughts.

I would like to get a better understanding of what you mean by fatigue.

Currently, the only fatigue that I am experiencing is what I believe SLI referred to as “attachment fatigue”. If I have ever stopped a set before the 15 minute mark it was because of discomfort from the wench’s attachment.

I think that I can imagine what you are referring to … but if you can give me a test or an indication that I have reached “fatigue” I think that that would be helpful.


Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG


For me, it’s easy to test fatigue. Couple hours after hanging, stretch your penis to its BPFSL and you should feel some soreness. Also try palpating the shaft/base and see if you feel anything.

Fatigue, the right kind, has a similar feeling as the wrong kind but you can tell that it does not originate from the attachment. It also is not caused by head swell which you will want to learn how to avoid. It usually means that you are not grasping the internal structures.

Stop before pain. If you are watching the clock and have a clenched jaw then you need to stop. You should be able consentrate on things other than the fatigue.

Like mister007 says, you should feel soreness afterward in the tissues at the base. You may also experience some retraction i.e. the turtle head pulling back into the shell when you touch his/her nose. I like to wear an ADS sleeve and this seems to prevent the retraction.

Read all that you can. Use the search function.


Originally Posted by sheLovesIt

You may also experience some retraction i.e. the turtle head pulling back into the shell when you touch his/her nose.

Political correctness gone mad! (Unless you are talking about a turtle, not a penis!) :D

SheLovesIt. I am looking into buying a good ADS and I was wondering where you get your ADS sleeve and ADS?

El Mucho,
I bought all my vac stuff from I have the AutoXleeve, the AutoADS, and the Vachanger.

I use the AutoXleeve as a light ADS. I can wear it for many hours straight. I do not have to remove it due to discomfort like the extender I have and no longer use. I believe that the sleeves reduce the retraction caused by heavy hanging. If I do not use it I get retraction. If I use it religiously, no retraction.

I also think that they help increase the flaccid length. When I take it off my unit looks long and skinny but within minutes it is fatter than usual with good length.

I do not put much tension on it, 1-2 lbs. I have all the 5 sleeves. I recommend the Soft Thick and the Medium and if money is not an issue then add the medium thick. The soft can be worn at night(no bungie, just weight cap) but that is when I have vaseline on my unit and I do not mix the two but I think that you could I might try.

The hard (red) sleeve is too uncomfortable for me especially with a heavy hanging routine. Very stealthy IMO. If you really want the VacADS to use with then it might make sense to look into his best AutoXleeve package as I believe that it includes the VacADS cylinder(head piece).

I do not use the other VacADS and Vachanger regularly. They are comfortable but I use the BIB hanger as I am over the 10 lb apparent limit on vac devices. I got blisters and a very red and sore glans from the VacADS and the Vachanger but I admit I was wearing them for over an hour and with a fair amount of weight.

I may use them again when I feel that I can avoid the blister problems. He (MonkeyBar) sells a little protector called a constriction sleeve that is suppossed to counter the blistering. I have not tried that yet.

Thanks for the reply. I’m mostly interested in the sleeves to prevent retraction and I thought an extender might speed up results, but I’m not so sure about buying an extender because I’m now able to hang with 5-7.5 lbs for 30-45 minutes without any issues. So I’m sort of doing an ADS type of routine now while I’m in my apartment. Also, I work as a personal trainer for athletes 4 days per week and I can’t imagine trying to wear an ADS while running or performing squats.

But yeah, I’ll be buying the sleeves. Thanks for the info!

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