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Increments of Weight

Increments of Weight

Hey Guys,

I have been hanging with 5 lb. and 2.5 lb. plates with the small holes in the middle. I have been looking for 1 lb. weights, but could not find any. I have been at 17.5 lb. for a max weight. I feel that my ligs are toughening up and want to go up to 18.5 or 19, but I can’t find the weights. I had to go to 20 lb. I hung it fairly comfortably, but I don’t want to go up in such large increments. Does anyone know where to get 1 lb. plates?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

well well well

I have been wanting to post about this but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Yes, I have what you are seeking, Jelktoidhopper. Hold out your hand……….

Go to WalMart and into the sports section, specifically GOLF. There you’ll see a few shaft weights (ironically named) that golfers use on their clubs to increase the weight for warming up their swing. Mine are red and look like little donuts - reminiscent of the donuts used in baseball years ago for batters.

Anyhow, they cost about $1.47 USD (yeah, ‘about’) here in VA and weigh .30 to .33 pounds or so. Get four of them together and you have about 1.25 lbs. All of $6 USD.

Hope that helps you. I am using them for my next increment.

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Re: Increments of Weight

Originally posted by jelktoid
Hey Guys,
Does anyone know where to get 1 lb. plates?
Thanks in advance for your help.

I got 1 1/4 lb plates at a used sporting goods store for about 50 cents each. Do you have such a place near you?



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Go to a consignment store that sells used sports equipment etc..Purchase a set of used hand held barbell weights which come in 1.5,2.5 and 5 lb sizes

Go to any sporting goods store - to the baseball section. Get a bat wieght - 1lb, rubber coated ring (made for putting on a baseball bat). They work very well…

Fractional plates

I ordered a set of plates for weight training a long time ago, and now use them for hanging as well. I use them to increase my hanging weight buy a steady 1/4 pound every week. They are expensive, but good quality precision gear. PDA is a nice small company with good customer service. They stamp your initials on each plate and ship them with a little carrying bad in case you need to take them to a public gym.

P.S. They also manufacture a bunch of other unique workout equipment. Shrug bars are just about the coolest thing ever! Nothing beats shug (trap) bar deadlifts (more like a “squat-lift” really) for a full-body workout.

Lymph Filled "Blisters"

Help fellas,

I’ve been doing BTC hanging almost exclusively, without much to show for it yet. So I stepped up the weights to 18#. On second set I had to reduce weight after 10 minutes, and I thought that was great. After I removed the wrap(after second set) I say what I’ll describe as a toroid completely around the penis , just behind the glans about 1/2 inch long filled with lymph fliuid( I guess).

I’ve never had a problem of this kind before, even at 15#BTC.

I later hung right and left at same levels I had before and after the hand, the same horrible looking toroid appeared. Can anyone help with advice on how to get rid of this thing(toroid)


Surfer1, go to the Injury Forum, check the dropdown menu for posts dated ‘from beginning’ (at bottom of page), and there you’ll see stuff for blisters, I believe.

Also do a search for ‘blister hang’ to get hangers who’ve had blisters.

Can’t help with the toroid problem, but as far as cheap weights.

Go to any good sporting goods store or a fishing specialty place. They sell those big ass lead weights. Very cheap, and easy to get.

I melt my own lead down (wheel weights) and pour them into ingots. I use these ingots to cast bullets, and diving weights.

For my hanging, I drill a hole through the ingot- large enough to run the hanger rope through. At the end there is a loop, that a rod goes through. That’s what keep’s the weights on the rope. It’s also easy to change weights that way. Just slide the rod out of the loop, add/ remove weight-slide the rod back through the loop and viola’.

Happy Hanging!

"If you build it, they will come".



Thanks so very much for advice. I’m sure I’ve seen others refer to these blisters. I had completely overlooked this whole section. Thanks much.



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