More new hanging thoughts: getting the most out of low weight and fulcrum hanging

So I’ve been hanging fairly consistently for about three months and have made solid gains. In addition to hanging, I regularly do piss pulls and dry jelqing throughout the day.

Lately, as a way to both hang AND attempt to stretch out some jeans, I’ve been hanging through the fly of my jeans. I’ve noticed a few things:

1. The fly of my jeans creates a slight fulcrum at the base of my penis. It can get uncomfortable after a little while, as denim, and the fly in particular, isn’t exactly soft, but this is purely discomfort on the surface/skin
2. Skin stretching is a non issue! Because the angle is no longer straight down (from the base, at least), I do not have to worry about my skin taking some of the load
3. The fulcrum adds a bit more intensity/focus to lower weights
4. Hanged penis looks LONG—this is just an aesthetic difference thanks to the fulcrum, but cool nonetheless :)

I’ve always read about fulcrum hanging as something for advanced PE’ers. I have little over 4 months of experience and have been spending a lot of time lately reading posts on progression through PE techniques/devices as you get more experienced; largely, it seems like the amount of force should increase in relation to your experience, as the “tougher” your penis gets, the harder it MAY be to make gains.

With this in mind, does this progression make sense with hanging, if you’re trying to milk certain weights for all they’re worth:

1. Hang SD with x weight
2. Hang BTC with x weight
3. Fulcrum hang with X weight
4. Increase weight, hang SD with x weight
5. Etc.

Fulcrum hanging may lead to lower base girth gains, which I am okay with (though I have a slight baseball bat), but if the idea is to progress slowly and get all you can out of certain weights, does it make sense to hit all angles with a certain weight, THEN increase weight once you feel you aren’t progressing?

05/06/2013: BPEL: 6.250" | MSEG: 5.125" | BPFSL: 6.250" | MSFG: 4.375"

10/15/2013: BPEL: 7.000" | MSEG: 5.375" | BPFSL: 7.563" | MSFG: 4.750"

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