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I need to get rid of discoloration fast

I need to get rid of discoloration fast

I am goin in for a visectami ( dont know how to spell that…) on the 27 of this month, and my member is all banged up. lol. I have been hanging for 3 months straight and its very dark. I need to get it pink again!!! Im not liking this. Help…!


don't worry about it

just stop pe for now… that is 2 weeks rest. Believe me they don’t give a fuck about whether you are hanging weight off your dick or not. I think that they are mainly interested in getting the fee from you. BTW if you go through with it enjoy the shave. (My urologist friend that did mine for me sent in a hot chick to whisk away my fur. I came very close to blowing a wad;) )

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Use arnicaflora from GNC. Then, wrap at the base and let it engorge. Leave it wrapped as long as possible.

Check on the wrapping to remove discoloration thread.



I don’t want to get a reputation for telling stories, especially since I got caught hanging. But. I have to tell my vasectomy story. I went in (way before I started PE) to get snipped. The nurse told me to lay down on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. She had good tits, so I kept a petty decent flaccid just looking at them. However, as the doc came in, he brought about six student nurses with him. Then he laid out all of the instruments. Well, as you might have guessed, old Willie shrunk up like a shrimp. I could see the girls smiling and even overheard some “small dick” comments. To this day, I regret that I didn’t wait to have this done (except that I would have had two more kids by now). I see one of the student nurses fairly regularly at the grocery store. She always gives me this cheesey little smile. Every time I’m tempted to tell her, “Yeah, but now I have a big dick!” Oh well, better late than never. Now I know what the women feel like.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Funny story

I may as well share my vasectomy story, too. Got on the operating table shriveled up like a turtle- head barely sticking out Because I am scared shitless. Nurse comes in and preps me, then in comes the doc.

At this point you need to know that I was working at this hospital at the time and knew the surgeon (and the nurse) fairly well because he would come in to work out a lot.

So anyway, he numbed me out and we waited until I couldn’t feel anything then he says: “nurse, scalpel”

She hands him the scalpel

Doc: “nurse, more light”

The nurse points that bigass light right at my dick

Doc: “nurse, pull away the penis”

She does what she is told

Doc: “nurse, prepared for incision”

Nurse: “Ready, Doctor”

Doc: “OK, making incision”

So he makes the cut then all at once he screams “Oh my God- I’ve hit the artery- nurse, touniquet- NOW!

So she runs over to the supply area, throws open a drawer, pulls out the tourniquet and runs back then starts to apply it. All at once they both start laughing like crazy.

Then the Doc says “Just a little joke to lighten things up a bit, now we will finish you up- won’t take long, try to relax.”

So there I am totally soaked with sweat and my heart beating a mile a minute and my skin all flushed from the “joke”- and he expects me to relax? Yeah- right…

Wow - that’s kinda sickening. I’d personally be HOT at a professional for a trick like that. Was it some backwoods clinic in the Allegany mountains that you went to?

My experience -

First, it was free. No, not some freak chick with a knife. Got it done by the county in MD. They covered so many vasectomies a year, and I got in there in January, baby! :)

Had a guy work on me who had a male student watch. Big deal.
I was more self-conscious about dropping off my wad at the desk with the receptionists. It was, to say the least, humiliating. “HEY, don’t look IN the damn bag!” -or- “Ooops”, as I hand the bag to her. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Funny to read about everyone worrying about their dick size. I gotta wonder if this has something to do with age. Reason I say that is because as a 17 y.o. I had to have some surgery done on a testicle (testicular torsion - I won!). Anyhow, I never even remotely carried that there were nurses in the room during the surgery. Maybe cause I felt my dick was average? Neither big nor small. Heck, I just wanted them to make sure I didn’t lose a testicle! Nurse shaved me. That was interesting.

As a matter of fact, for the most part I had female doctors and got physicals from them. Never sprang an erection because I thought it would have been totally discourteous.

I don’t know - that’s just me. But I am glad I never had lockerroom or doctor’s office self-consciousness. Don’t mean to sound superior, but I feel for guys who deal with that.


Wow. Im scared to get it done now.. thanks guys.. lol. But I am having no progress (or little progress) with removing the discoloration. Bib how tight or loose do you recommend wraping, and I thought one should like not ware a cock ring,(essentially what im doing by wraping at the base, for more then a half hour at a time. Maybe I sould wrap looser? whats the objective of the wrap at the base I guess my question is. THanks as always… \



My God, is this doctor still your friend?


You want the wrap just tight enough to engorge the shaft while still allowing complete blood flow. IOW, it will be a trial and error process, but you can arrive at the correct tightness in less than a day with privacy.

You can wrap loosely with cloth first. No tension at all. Then wrap the Theraband over the top, just tight enough to keep it on. If within ten minutes, you are not engorged, tighten the Theraband a little bit. Wait another ten minutes. If no engorgement, tighten a little more, etc etc. Once you learn the correct tightness, it is easy.

As long as you have good blood flow, color, temp, etc, you can wear this for hours. You will find it gives some fluid buildup, much like that described with pumping. Not too much, but this may be what helps eliminate the discoloration. I really do not know. Be sure to use the arnica with it.



Yes, he is still my friend. He has always been a prankster. At a company picnic he was ‘the victim’ on the dunk tank whick I was operating. He asked me to go to the food tent and bring him back a handful of ketchups. He bit the top off them, got back up on the platform, then when he was dunked he smashed the ketchup on his head while underwater and came up appearing to be disoriented with red stuff running down his face and everyone was panicking and screaming for a doctor. After a couple of other docs came running to the rescue he just started laughing, opened his hand with the empty packets in it, and said “Just a joke, only ketchup.”

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

thanks all, Thanks bib.


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