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Head Discoloration

Head Discoloration

The last few weeks I’ve been hanging off and on. I had red spots on the top and underside of the shaft I think where the Wench is clamped on. After not hanging for a few days they seemed to go away, at least for now. I’m using a bungee cord along with the Wench and it seems like the red spots really started when I would turn my hips and do OTL stretches.

Right now the top half of the head seems to be slightly discolored with more pronounced small spots on that underside head area between the urethral meatus and the frenulum. It seems like if I even do one set the discoloration really shows for about a day or maybe a little longer.

My wrap HTW wrap with a 24in piece of Theraband. I moved the Theraband down a little and it seemed to help, but the discoloration is worse now (I did move p about 1lb of tension though).

What should I do to prevent to mitigate the discoloration? Also should I switch to a Bib Hanger?

I only felt fatigue when I first started hanging in September, and I had to take a break in October, but I’ve been hanging since and haven’t felt fatigue. I’m up to 104cm on the bungee chord with the equivalent of roughly 8.5lbs. I’ve read Monty’s posts and wanted to use angles more and go up in weight low, but I might need to go heavier once I figure this discoloration thing out.

I would appreciate any help. I really don’t want to give up. It seems like the guys that gain are consistent and put the time in. I just can’t seem to get past the initial problems.

I think I have the same issue. I have the bib hanger, and I am finding I get dark blotches at the head of glans. It looks pretty nasty straight after I have hung for 20 minutes, then it fades quickly after about 15 minutes from when I took the pressure off which makes me think I have burst some blood vessels in there. I am not sure if it’s harmful in the short term, but I certainly don’t want to hang over an extended length of time with this problem as it could lead to something worse.

I hope I haven’t hi-jacked your thread and we both have the same issue, it sounds like it. I don’t know how to stop this as it seems that the blood is being forced into my glans due to the clamp/weight combination of the bib hanger, which I am using as directed. I am going to take 2 weeks off regardless to make sure I completely heal before I try again.

God knows what I will do if it happens after my 2 weeks off. Any ideas guys?

What are you guys using to wrap?

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Farkas, your not using the bib correctly if youre getting any sort of spots on the head. Attaching the hanger with too much blood in the head and not tightening the hanger enough, which makes the hanger slip, are possible causes.

Pillars, thanks for the reply. I am sure the hanger is tight enough, but I will look into making sure there isn’t too much blood. I’ll look over the bib hanger instructions again, thanks for the tip.

By the way, just so everyone is clear, I believe the bib hanger to be a quality product, I don’t believe my issues is related to the product, more to do with either my physiology or how I am using it. So if anyone else has had this issue and resolved, please let me know.

Since I made this thread I have taken time off. This is the 6th week off. I have done nothing PE related. I still notice light discoloration on the head. I want to start up again next Monday, but I’m thinking the discoloration will come back.

I wasn’t feeling fatigue and did not gain, so if I’m not gaining and getting discoloration I don’t know if i should continue. I would like to find a solution and start up again.

I’m using a wench so maybe that is my problem. For a wrap I use a HTW and some Theraband. I was using two cable clamps to attach the wench. I squeeze the head when I attach them and they feel tight enough so I don’t know why the head starts to get a little darker half way into a set and there is discoloration. Did try loosening up the clamps one click before but I was getting some fluid buildup after doing several sets.

Is head discoloration inevitable? What can I do to avoid it and would the Bib Hanger be worth buying?

Farkas have you start hanging again?

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