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Homemade hanger and rest of gear


Homemade hanger and rest of gear

Here is a photo of my homemade hanger and the rest of the gear I use for hanging.

I use the golf weights as an ADS while at home in the evenings and weekends during the day. Taking great care for visual and temp. monitoring.
I hope the photo comes through.


Here goes another try

Sorry about that,, I have attached a photo, I hope it goes through.


Photos of gear

OK, I am going to try this one more time to see if I can get this to go through.

Ok, I have attached the .jpg file to the e-mail. Anyway it is listed in the attached files section at the bottom of the page here.


Attached Images
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Can you elaborate about the bottom three weights?


How I use the gear

Damn, it worked this time, I must of had a brain fart yesterday.

As you can see, I have three different weights for my sessions.
There is a 4 lb. , 6 lb. , and an 8 lb. downrigger balls. I have only progressed to the 6 lb. as of now but have experimented with 1 minute hangs with the 8 lb.
I was thinking, as I purchased these weights, that as I progressed in my hanging, I could do a combination of weights.
Thus 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 6lb+4lb, 8lb+4lb, 8lb+6lb, and so on if I desire to purchase other weights.

The hanger is made of off the shelf water line insulation foam from Home Depot. I have had to replace it only once in the last 1 1/2 months. I use a cotton strip with a small piece of tape for the first wrap. I then use the household anti-slip material for the second wrap with a small piece of tape. I then attach the hanger with the hock forward for easier attachment of the weight. I slip on the other clamp, close it and attach the wing nut to the bolt and clam on the sides of the unit until it is snug enough so as not to slip off.

I use the Golf weights as ans ADS in the evenings and weekends.


This household anti-slip material - Is this the same materiel used for lining kitchen shelves?

Are your clamps conduit hangers?

I do believe so, We actually use it on the floor under the rugs as we have hardwood floors throught the house.
We bought some 10X10 foot pads, there was all kinds of short strips left over. We use some on the counters to keep the smaller appliance in place. Also we use it under the dog dishes so they stay in one place too.

Yes, they are common conduit hangers.



Cool, I’ve used those in the past as a homemade hanger solution. Worked alright, but I kept getting skin pinch. I didn’t use the foam insulation like you though, instead I just filled the insides with a think layer or clear silicone. I liked the conduit hangers because of the wide array of available sizes, clamshell action, and because you can easily adjust their shape to fit your unique flaccid dick (not to mention they’re cheap as hell).

Question though, how do you have the weight attachment (hook) rigged up in there?

I was rummaging through the garage for some sort of hanging device and came across the large hook.

Next was to find something to attach the hook to. I found an old closet clothes hanging dowel.

Drilled a pilot hole into the dowel, screwed the hook into it, wrapped the dowel with some of the non-skid material, inserted dowel into insulation and clamped down. At first I didn’t have the non-skid material on and the dowel slowly slipped out. The weight damn near hit my big toe, I would want to have to wear steel toed shoes while hanging.

That would be a scary sight to see for sure.

Yeah, I’ve dropped weights once with one of my early homemade hangers and damn near had a heart attack because I thought my dick popped off. :eek:

Can you see your glans to check on temperature/color while hanging? If not, you might want to think about modifying your design so you can.

Originally Posted by stevie31
Yeah, I’ve dropped weights once with one of my early homemade hangers and damn near had a heart attack because I thought my dick popped off. :eek:

Damn, that must have been terrifying.

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