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Homemade hanger and rest of gear



Yes, as you can see from the photo the tubing has a slit all the way down the side, this allows me to actually view and touch the glan to ensure a safe hanging session. There was one time (first hang), I didn’t get all the blood out of the glan and I was lucky that I could see/touch the glan. I simply removed the weight, unclamped, brought circulation back to the unit. Waited about 15-20 minutes and re-wrapped and started hanging again without further problems.

It definitely was AH. I was using the standard homemade Bib (plastic PVC, with v-groove cut in it) and apparently didn’t have the clamp tightened down enough. About 5 minutes into my first set things were going good and I was feeling adventurous so I started swinging my hips forwards and backwards. Well on about the 5th swing forward there was a loud suction sounding POP. Next thing I know I hear weights crashing to the floor and feel a burning sensation in my neither regions. My stomach dropped and I stood there stunned for a few seconds, unable to move or look down and inspect the damage. After regaining myself a little I ventured a peak ahead of me on the ground. There was my full setup, hanger and all, cast on the floor about 4 feet in front of me. I mustered some more courage and continued to look further down at my dick. I feared the worse, but luckily it was still there… very red and irritated, but attached like God intended. Since then I’ve been extra aware of how much I tighten any hanger I use, and never ever ever swing the weights.

Good to hear Jonathon. I might dig some extra pieces of hanger I bought and see if I can put something together like you have there. Thanks for sharing.


With the tube having a slit from end to end I can actually see/touch the glans to ensure I am having a safe hanging session.

I forgot who it was but it was f-ing funny a guy was hanging and his cat creeped up under the chair and licked his balls and he jumped about 10 feet in the air almost pulling his dick off because of the 20 pounds hanging from it.

You should post a picture in members of the gear in action

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I am Headed for Portland, OR tomorrow. I will be taking the gear and the digital with me and I will take some pictures of the steps that I take.
Then while hanging also.
I am in the process of putting together a pump system as I am interested in doing some minimum pumping once or twice a month.
I already have the pump. I will be stopping at the local plastic’s shop on the way home to see what types of tubes they have and how much it will cost to make one for me. I have done business with them before for display purposes so it shouldn’t raise any eye-brows.



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