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have a hard on while trying to hang?

have a hard on while trying to hang?

I did it was such a bitch! I had to unleash the hounds before I could try on the hanger! Any one else experience an erection when trying to hang? I know hanging with wood is bad! I didn;t, but is beating off to hang a lesser evil that will hurt later?

I know some guys bitch about beating off and gains for Pe, but what about in hanging?

Dude!!! You should never beat off while hanging!!!!!!!

He he, sorry, I just had to say that.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Well, that was certainly a novel way to warm-up! Hanging with an erection is not evil - it’s dangerous!!!! Don’t!

I know a lot of guys may disagree with me, but I’ve never put much faith in the masturbating hindering gains theory- for hangers at least. Maybe it does for some guys but it never did for me. I don’t see how masturbating is going to hinder the stress on the ligs, fatigue or healing and if it does, surely it’s only going to be fairly minor anyway. I guess it’s like asking if you had sex after working out at gym would it affect your ability to grow muscle? Perhaps, but not significantly.

Hanging is a passive exercise - I’m not sure it would really matter even if you had sex several times beforehand - it’s not going to alter the way the weights do their job. For jelqers it might be a different story - you need a partial erection to get the most from it and if you’re completely spent there’s really not going to be much point in exercising. :horse:

lil1 :lep:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

My problem is as soon as I grab my dick I start to get hard before all the wrapping and slinging the hanger on. So I have to spank it, then wait and throw it on! Is my dick to sensitized from all this off jelqing crap from pe? I always seem to have some % of wood whenever I touch it. Has anyone else had this occur!

I jelqed originally with PE now I am starting hanging. Yes, I know hanginhg with wood is bad, but I have to beat off every time I hang?

Thunder, Thanks! I’ll give it a try! I liked the Rosie O’Donnel crack also.


Give this a try….

Manual stretches for about 10 minutes working all areas. Do a traction wrap for about 30 min - 1 hour. Apply heat for 5 -10 minutes. By then your dick should be “ready” to go into the hanger. I have had some trouble with the hard on issue also when I try to attach the hanger. By doing this little routine I get good and relaxed and somewhat desensitized so I can go into the hanger flaccid. Just my $ .02 worth.

Goodwood :chuckle:

I like the idea ther Goodwood. I’ll give it a try. Thanks! TT

Difficulty with hard-ons?

Nothing the swing of a door can’t solve!


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