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How hard to jelq

How hard to jelq

Hi guys,

Been a lurker for awhile, first post!! Anyways I’ve been doin the noob program for awhile and am noticing an increase in ‘fullness’. I’ll measure it here one of these days!

Before someone tells me to use the ‘search’ button, I have so please be nice and help me out.

I have a question about jelqing. How hard are you supposed to jelq ie, how hard are you gripping your dick when you perform this exercise? I find that I have to grip rather hard in order to get that stretching feeling upshaft. The problem is my hand gets pretty tired after 10 minutes or so! Additionally, I also get the tiny red spots sometimes. My forearms are in pretty good shape from lifting, so I think I’m gripping a bit too hard.

I’m pretty sure I’m just gripping too hard, but when I grip less hard, I just don’t really feel anything going on!


You should jelq anywhere from 50%-75%. It is easier to target length and girth at that level. If you are conditioned enough and desperate for girth enough like some of us then jelqing at 85%< is the norm. And this question has been asked many times before.:) If your hands get tired after 10 minutes then jelq only for 10 minutes and then gradually increase that time.

Spotting is normal for most. I have not experienced it so I cannot comment on it.

When jelqing, the dick above your grip is supposed to be expanding. you should feel the blood moving up the shaft.

Hope this helps

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I jelq around 60-70% erect and I know how hard to grip by the feeling of my penis becoming engorged - you can tell when this happens you can feel the blood rushing up

I’m not sure quite what % I’m at while jelqing (55-70% maybe?), just that when I run my hand up my shaft my dick gets all red. I can really feel the engorgement! Thanks for tolerating a total noob question guys! Guess I’m on the right track

Correct spanky. that is the grip. After a while you might notice that at that grip you are not gaining or noticing engorment at that level and you may have to alter it. Be carefull when doing that part.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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You want an erection that when you grip into it, it will feel like a plastic bag filled with cake frosting. The penis has “some” resistance to your grip so you aren’t pinching the thing all the way through. The penis should be “pumped” or “semi” erect, so you can push that blood through it- and like I said- it reminds me of pushing cake frosting through a plastic bag. If you are too hard, all you will most likely fell will be just that- a hard penis and the skin will only move with your hand. You would then want to let the erections subside a bit, then try it.

Remember, bloodflow is the key, you want to feel this flow being pushing through the penis- and yes, you do feel the blood pump with each stroke if you are doing it right.

Good Luck!

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Very clear and helpful y’all! Especially the cake frosting example Wt282. I suppose I’m doin it right. Time will tell!

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