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Hanging weight amounts and the followup that appears very important


I think they hung goats from their schlongs, and gradually move up in goat size.

They did a warmup by making sweet love to those goats prior to hanging.(but not ejaculating of course, because that doesn’t mix with PE.)


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Originally Posted by beenthere
Is it true there are tribesmen that have/had 12 - 15 inch flaccid hangs from hanging rocks from their dicks? If this is so, I wonder how much weight they used? I know it’s said that they developed ED from improper hanging, but that shouldn’t alter the useful information that may can be gained from knowing how much weight they used.

Just guessing, but my initial thought is they would have used heavy weights (big rocks) with the view that will pull the dick further down. Even though we view it as micro tears, except for other additions to our stretching (warmup, circulation control, time limits, etc), their heavy rocks are basically the same principle as our max weight theory. Did they not use very heavy rocks?

This subject has always intrigued me, if you find out PM me. If you do a search on the web you come up with the “penis-plus” type devices, companys are trying to sell. I speculate they were light rocks, they apparently carried on daily activities(hunting,etc.) with the rocks dangling off there cocks.

Where do you guys find this information? Or is this your own speculation.

All I know is that they hung some form of weights from their penis’, the specifics of which I don’t know.

But I find it interesting, that we have tooken ancient techniques and used modern science to improve them for our uses.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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