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Hanging Time

Hanging Time

I Have Been Hanging For Last 15 Days.

15 Min X 2 At Morning And 15 Min X 2

At Night Is This Sufficient Time.
Due To Lake Of Time And Privacy
I Can Not Spare More Time.

Will I Get Result Or Just Wasting
My Time

Hey Answer Plzzzzzzzz


12.2009 - BP 6 x 4.7 :cutlass: Goal - BP 7 x 5.1

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It can be enough to get gains, but no one can say that you’ll have gains for sure, whatever it is the time you spend on PE.

Have you tried manual exercises before jumping on hanging?

It looks like a solid routine base, but different people respond differently. I personally like the split routine, and have seen gains doing it this way. Try and do 20 minute sets, and increase the weight by no more than 1lb per week. What weight are you hanging?

It is generally recommended that you hang for a minimum total of 10hrs a week.

First of all, I agree with Stuzilla’s recommendations.

10hrs per week is what the experts say is an ideal amount of minimum, strapped-in hang time (that doesn’t include rest time). If you don’t spend that much time hanging, then it might eventually limit your gains (at some future point). By hanging 10 hours per week, you’re giving yourself a better balance of time vs. amount of weight used (since you’re spending a little less time hanging, you’ll need to use a little more weight, and guys usually find their gains slow down around 20lbs or 25lbs). In other words, you want to try & gain as much as you can at the lower weights—and by using more hang-time you can stay at lower weights longer (but still keep reaching fatigue daily).

Let me qualify this by saying, at 4x sets per day, I think great gains are most definitely within reach. You’re getting about an hour a day of strapped in time; that’s not bad (you’re getting 7 hours per week assuming you hang daily). This is especially true if you’re also getting daily split sets. I’ve seen guys make great gains with only 1x set per day (although people tend to peak much, much sooner with lower numbers of sets; i.e. people plateau early if they don’t use enough sets).

Just make sure you’re consistent about targeting the same angle so you get enough fatigue to cause deformation. Also, you’re not doing too many sets, so you probably want to reach fatigue during your first set each day (i.e. get to the point where you feel a need to reduce the weight). Reach fatigue daily (during your first set if possible), then ride it during your subsequent set(s).

I hanged 3 year ago for about 4 months but didnt gain in length eventhough flacid was looking bigger.

Then I stopped for some reasons. Now again I planning to start hanging exclusively BTC and SD.

Pl give me valuable advice.

I don’t know if this is advice is going to be valuable Harendra, but if hanging didn’t work why don’t you try something else? Manaul stretching would be the first thing to try. Instead than 2 hours hanging per day, try 30 minutes manual stretching per day and at least 10 minutes jelqing and see what it gives.

Thnx merinera.

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