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hanging Over The Shoulder; penis goes numb

hanging Over The Shoulder; penis goes numb


When I hang Over The Shoulder (OTS) my dick goes numb faster than any other position (penis is angled up more so blood supply is slower), at the 10th minute, is there any way to counter this?



I never thought of hanging over the shoulder, is this because of your LOT #? You might have to just go with lower hang times because of gravity.

Make sure your wrap is loose and your hanger tight. When hanging in lower angles some of the tension is on the skin, when hanging higher angles there’s more slack in your skin which means the skin takes less tension. Because of this you may have to start OTS with less weight than you would use for SD or BTC.

Second what Piet said.

But I would like to add that if you continue to hang OTS the tissues will condition, and 2-3 weeks from now OTS should be as comfortable as your other angles.


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As both Piet and Lostracco said—go lighter than normal until you adjust. Your vascular tissues will need time to adapt to the new angle, and that can take a few weeks.

You probably already went through something similar with all your downward angles. When you first start hanging your glans will get cold just about no matter what, until your tissues can adapt and handle the increased difficulty of getting blood to flow while you are hanging. With the upward angle, it’s now even more difficult to get blood into your glans, and surrounding penile tissues, so your body must adapt further.

If the trouble continues though, you should re-evaluate & post what’s going on.

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