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Got numb after hanging session today, scary stuff!

Got numb after hanging session today, scary stuff!

I was hanging 3 * 20 minutes BTC 6-8 lbs. Circulation and color of the dickhead is ok. My dick is always cooler after a set so I make sure to jelq lightly for ten minutes between the sets and finish off with 15 minutes light jelq. I then precede with a hot shower and do some stretches, then I put on Lil`s ADS which I`ve been experimenting with lately(ever used it more than 2 hours in a row). Because I`m uncut I`m having problem with it slipping of, so I need to pump a little blood into the dickhead and wrap a little tight so it won`t slip. Today I did this as usual and had a good feel with the whole setup. Dress up and go down to the living room. I regularly check my dickhead to feel that it`s not to cold and it seems ok. 15 minutes. Check again, WTF?!? My dickhead is completely numb and I can NOT feel my fingers on my dickhead. I run upstairs trow the shit off and jelq til I get an perhaps 40-50 % erection and do this for a 5 minutes. The numbness is away after only a couple of minutes and I get the sensitivity back. Anyways, this scared the shit out of me and it really got me thinking. Strange thing is that I wore the ADS for only 30 minutes and it felt almost comfy all the time. Earlier I`ve been wearing it for 2 hours with no problems at all.

What should I do considering my routine? Should I take a week free or is this normal to happen? The thing is that the weekends is the only days I can log a lot of hanging time but perhaps I should at least take tommorow off. Much ranting by me but I felt like talking a little about this experience although it might not be a big deal.

I hope for positive response!:-)


Since the feeling came back almost immediately, it appears that your unit went “to sleep” due to a lack of blood flow. IOW, it appears there was not a nerve problem.

If you use an ADS, you have to make sure there is blood flow, no matter what. This usually means a lighter attachment, and very little tension. You may have simply gone a bit too far.



What type of hanging device do you use? I also hang and use Bib’s contraption with no problems (so far).


I`m using the Bib Starter and I`m very satisfied! Pretty sure it`s the best out there even though I haven`t tried the others.

Anyways, I took the day off but I will hang tomorrow. As for Lil`s ADS I`m not using it anymore as I find it hard to use without affecting the circulation. I think the Wench ADS might do it for me, I`ll check it out. And guys, be fucking careful with your dicks! What I experienced was probably nothing compared to guys who`ve gotten numb over longer time but it REALLY opened up my eyes.

Stay Circulated!:-)

When you are uncut try to pull at your foreskin while putting hanger or ADS on, this will prevent slipping.
Dont force blood in your glans to prevent slipping off.

Dont use too much force, when you feel its becoming numb put the hanger/ADS off.

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

Damn, I just said it never happened to me and it just did yesterday. I had increased my hang time and it did that numb thing you described. Wow, I need to pay more attention to my unit when reading and writing at Thunders. The numbness went away after a minute.

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