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hanging needs refinement please...!!!!!

hanging needs refinement please...!!!!!

Ive been hanging for 3 months.. or so.. lately in the last month alot… and have been getting fatigued….. this is where its said i should be…… but i cant seem to hang BTC with alot of weight… it could be because i and fatigued.. but My question is two fold… ……. I have read… Bib said that most dotn get results until hanging 17.5 lbs.. and i cant hang that weight as many hours as i want a week… and i cant hang that BTC.. so what do i do.. I have a Bib hanger… fortunately.. i will buy another if he is still taking orders…!…. also i have been searching on the threads that bib wrote..but dont find the good ones….. can anyone put up links to the best ones… especially the ones with bib and any veterans and there methods…

Thanks all


Hi Johnny

As long as you are getting to a fatigued state then that is fine. I don’t know what you are talking about with bib saying that you can’t get results until you hang at least 17.5 lbs. I don’t ever rememnber him saying that.
Everyone’s different and will need different weights to reach fatigue.

I know plenty of people have got good results without hanging that much weight.

BTC is an extremely intense stretch and you SHOULD find that this method of hanging is much more difficult than hanging straight. ie - it will require less weight to reach fatigue when hanging btc.

as for the threads search for bib’s and maybe even lil12big1’s and you should find some good stuff - you’ll have to trawl through it yourself for the good one’s though.

ps - what’s with all the periods in the post? Kind of makes it annoying to read.

See Ya,


oh… just thinking…inbetween sentinces. Sorry. :) and i thought i heard bib say most guys dont get results before hanging a17.5 lbs somewhere in this forum. I just cant find it.


I started gaining when I got up to 7.5 lbs. Not 17.5. I have said I thought most of my gains came between 17.5 and 22.5 lbs. But that was over a long period of time.



thank god… i thought i was going to have to bite a piece of leather while hanging 18 lbs BTC minimum to get any gains… hehe… hewwwww….! thanks Bib! Did u ever hang 22 BTC? BiB?

Johnnygate, remember that Bib also grew, like, 40 inches of penis or something. So when he says he got ‘most of his gains’, remember he is talking a few inches there! If I get two inches total it’ll be more than I want!

FWIW, I am really feeling fatigue with lighter weights. I think you’ll be OK.



Here’s a tip Lil1 gave me last week and it works. I, too, thought my dick was gonna rip off my body when btc. Lil1 suggested to hang for a while, maybe 5 - 10 minutes, then start leaning back to a btc position. In other words, don’t start off the session btc. It works.


Thanks all for your help. you’ve all been very helpful…….


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