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Hanging - how much weight


Originally Posted by lostracco
If I may interject .. Did this clear it up?

Thanks, yes - lucky bastard (10! (10?)) hours hang time .

Later - ttt

The only reason I haven’t posted the notes is that they are not quite complete. It’s mostly quotes from bib or other veteran hangers, sometimes in their words, sometimes in my own.

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
I think I gained some from all techniques, but the vac caused blisters and keratinization (I am uncut), that’s why I went back to the bib. The early wave of enthusiasm about vac hanging just took me along. Then I tried to figure out how to reduce the injury potential. Now I am back to the safer (for me and the weight I am using - 12” up) bib.

I’m hanging around 11lbs/5kg now with my vac and iv have no slippage or discomfort, iv tried 15lbs just out of curiosity and it was fine also.

I wrap my dick from head to a 3rd up the shaft with microporous tape then wrap it with fabric tape and it’s working a treat. I’m hanging for 45 minutes am and pm.

I think with a bib the wrapping must be right but I think this also applies to the vac, iv had one blister since I got it and that was using no wrap. Since I got my wrap right iv not had a problem. Iv been messing around with my bib starter lately and seem to have gotten the wrap right but I still don’t like it that much at the moment but might try again in the future.

It took me months to really get the ‘feel’ on the bib starter. Every day, and every time I was hanging I kept making minor adjustments, until I figured out how to make it both comfortable, and secure—(i.e. no slippage possible). Depending on what you’re wrapping with & how you’re wrapping, things can feel completely different.

There really is some technique with the bib starter if you want to make it comfortable. I hear the normal bib is harder to use, but I don’t think I’ll ever need it (is there a weight limit on the starter? I don’t think I have anything to worry about there… I figure it could easily handle 40lbs, a weight I’ll never reach).

I think the wrappings a lot easier to get right than I thought it would be for the bib starter. Didn’t take me long at all to be honest but I prefer the vac for the moment. I think the vac could handle 20lbs if I tried at the moment because I know 15lbs was fine, then if the stronger sleeves from monkebar are used then even more. On MOS there’s guys using the max vac or whatever it’s called up to 30lbs so it is possible but again wrap must be right and iron addict I think used 20lbs also. I doubt ill need 20lbs for at least another year. I’m hanging for 45 mins am and pm and I’m getting great fatigue, the red xsleeve and weight is keeping me weighed down all day which defiantly helps the fatigue then at night I use the softer sleeves to stop turtling. Working great. My morning woods through the roof at the minute for some reason :)

I read a lot of guys hanging more than 10 pounds.
This is just unbelievably high for me…I mean I believe they do it…but for ME 3 pounds already is a high weight and my penis starts to tell me “no more” and my wrap is really good…

Are there more of you out there hanging with such low weight as me?

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


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