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Hanging Hindsight

Hanging Hindsight

Hello Fellow Hangers!

I see the art of hanging is mega popular right now. So I would figure the best chance I will I ever have to answer this question or rather set of questions.

I am looking for Anyone and Everyone who has ever hung before even if it only once. Using any method available. For example a Bib Hanger or starter, or Modified, AFB I or II or any product home made or Purchased commercially.

My Questions are: What would you have done differently then that you have only discovered recently? Hence what would you have changed? What theories do you have about hanging that may seem oddball or crazy, yet you still hold onto? Don’t be shy, there is no ridicule here!. Just perhaps the potentional for maybe a new paradigm of thinking in this art and science.

I haven’t done it long enough to have hindsight. After reading several threads I decided to hang before jelking. I also hang without warm-up as the thought occurred to me if I want micro-tears a warm-up is what you do to prevent injury. I currently have bpsl of 8.25 inches but fall short of my goal erect. Hopping to go to 8.5 then horse and uli gain girth and end at 8x6. I’ll let you know if it works.

Well….I wish I’d had the sense to hang when I first started a couple years ago…and stick with it. THEN work on girth. Rather than what did happen which follow something like: first few months jelq/power jelq gain about an inch in length and 3/4” in girth….stumble onto peforum (pub4.whatever) read about hanging…say “oh that sounds neat”…jelq a few more months…finally build a hanger (Bib basic) dabble in that a few months get a 1/2” gain in erect length…think about hanging some more….but dont…its not that efficient anyway….BIB comes out with production hanger….buy one….hang with it a few months off and on…no gains cant ever get it to fit me properly….start working for girth again …..BIB comes out with Starter model…order that….LOVE how it fits! Now, I’m back into hanging. Like I said…if I could hit “rewind” I’d have stuck with the hanging from the start.

Although I owe over 1” in length to “The Grip”, I wish I had the Bib when I started. The first “hiatus” I took from hanging was mainly due to the discomfort involved in trying to hang weights over 12 lbs… the only weights I achieved erect length growth from.
I wish I had known about idea of hanging at different angles once ligs are fatigued from one angle.
I wish I had known about BTC.
I wish I had known to concentrate on length, then once that goal is achieved concentrate on girth.

The one thing I’ve stuck with all along, and which I believe has contributed greatly to my results (about 1.75” erect length gained in about 12 months “on” out of the past 20 months), is my basic workout schedule:
Morning: 1 hour heavy hang time
Late Afternoon: Heavy hang time for as long as I can stand, followed by light weight hanging (or traction) for the remainder of the evening (usually 6-8 hours).
(of course I hot wrap before/after, and often jelq for 10 min. or so after the evening heavy session)

Oh… and one last thing… I wish I had known about this place the minute it first opened up! ;-)

I wanted to add one more thing:

for the guys out there who are just starting with PE, chart your progress by measuring not only erect length/girth, but also your flaccid *stretch length*.

For the first several months after I started hanging, I was getting zero results for erect length. I found this quite frustrating… but the fact that I was making some decent gains in my flaccid stretch length made me figure that something must be happening. It was enough to keep me going for a while longer… and the erect length gains did finally kick in.

Were it not for this advice that I got from another helpful PE’er, I probably would have given up before achieving any real results

I want to know what is the AFB II , I know just the basic AFB but not the “II” where do you see it (link ) ?

Johnny is absolutely correct - chart your flaccid stretch length!
I started with 2 months of jelqueing, with little or no gains. Then I signed up on Big Al’s, and he gave me an all stretch routine. I did this for a month with no erect gain, but I got a 1/2” flaccid stretch gain. This kept me motivated, and got me to try hanging. I’ve been hanging for a month now (2 weeks with homemade bib pvc model, 2 weeks with a real bib) and I’ve gained 1/4” in erect length already. So far, I only hang 3 - 20 min sets, 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off starting at 16 lbs(reduce 1.5 lbs per set), and straight down only. I get a good stretch that leaves my entire pubic area sore. After I get more hang time under my belt, I’ll start with different hanging positions.

What would I change? I would have bought a bib hanger, and started hanging from the beginning!

From my understanding the AFB II is some slight redesign or improvement on Hubbard’s idea by himself. I only used a real production BIb, so I never really put to muuch research into his AFB stuff. Besides I am no arts and crafts kid.

If I remember perhaps it is his 10 second travelling hanger made of tooth brushes or something. It is in here, I know it. Somewhere.

two things... maybe 3

First, I screwed around trying to make a hanger and didn’t have much luck… then again I’m not very handy… bought the BIG BIB and have been very happy.

2. My comfort level increased dramatically when I started wrapping with a 12 - 18 inch long strip of soft t shirt fabric under the theraband. Before that, I was just wrapping with theraband and the material would stick to my skin and hurt and make it raw. The fabric prewrap was a huge help.

3. I felt a big difference between hanging the weight near the head of the penis and hanging as close to the base as possible… I thought hanging near the head made the most sense. But I really feel the lig stretch the closer I hang near the base. Hanging near the head seems more potentially harmful.

4. I didn’t want to try hanging at first. It seemed stupid. But people were raving so I reluctantly tried. Glad I did.

jay in cali

? for venicejay

you wrote:
<<2. My comfort level increased dramatically when I started wrapping with a 12 - 18 inch long strip of soft t shirt fabric under the theraband. Before that, I was just wrapping with theraband and the material would stick to my skin and hurt and make it raw. The fabric prewrap was a huge help.>>

Have you made gains wrapping closer to the base? I would be VERY interested because I cannot for the life of me wrap consistently, and with comfort when I attempt to attach 1 to 1.5 inches from the head. I have toyed with attaching near the base, but it seems other attach nearer to the glans. If you have had consistent gains this way I would really like to know.


wrapping near base

Have I made gains this way? Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t tend to measure much because I don’t want to get caught up in it. But I am noticably larger by site. The base is certainly thicker and I think I’ve made some length gains.

After I posted, I thought maybe you’re not supposed to hang near the base. Maybe it’s best near the head. I’m just experimenting. And the comfort level was definitely greater near the base.

I’d be interested in knowing what others think. This seems like maybe a seperate thread.

jay in cali

Horse Squeez

hello all,
I am not new to hanging and have not looked at this forum for some time now (due to time) but after reading a few threads I came across some technique called the “HORSE SQUEEZE” can someone please explain how it is done and what it is used for.

Thanks alot guys

Thanks Thunder, got it

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