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Hanging for girth

Hanging for girth

I read the TGC Theory post by Remek and it made a lot of sense to me. I tried the tests and they clearly indicate that my Tunica is my limiting factor. The recommendation was to work on mostly Length for someone like me.

The thing is that I am almost exclusively interested in gaining girth. So I have finally taken the plunge and have started hanging. If you’ve read any of my other several posts, you’ll know that I’m a very hard gainer.

So basically I was wondering how many guys have found it easier to gain girth perhaps from other exercises as a result of hanging.

Another question. How can I tell if I’m getting good enough hang? In other worlds, how do I tell if I’m not just stretching the skin and am stretching the inner structure of the penis well?

I’ve gained girth from hanging. Especially at the base. If the skin is sore the skin is stretching. If the actual tissue is sore when massaging then you know.

Well I’ve only been hanging for a week and I’m up to 5 pounds. I know that may be a fast progression, but everything is a fast progression with me because I am such a hard gainer. The thing is I only feel slight soreness on the skin for a couple of minutes, then no soreness afterward at all.

I think maybe my penis is made out of some type of superhuman tissue. I used a powerjelq for a while, jelqing the SIDES, not the top and bottom of my penis, and for the life of me an cannot make any gains.

So as I said, I’m trying out Remek’s TGC theory about tunica as limiting factor.

Question. By hanging straight down as I sit on a chair, how much work does the tunica really get from that angle?

Another thing. I am circumcised so the skin on the shaft does not run over my glans at all. But since I started Hanging, the skin is beginning to roll over the edge of the glans a bit. Is that a sign that I’m only stretching the skin, or is that a natural part of hanging?


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