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Hanging discomfort


Hanging discomfort

Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to hanging. Bought a BIB hanger about 3 weeks ago and have been hanging with it for about 2 weeks.

The problems I have been experiencing are as follows:

When i tighten the hanger, the skin on the topside of my penis gets sandwiched up in the join (where the top single screw is).

If i use a lot of padding, the padding also pushes up into this gap and makes tightening very hard.

Basically, the reason i tend to have to stop hanging is because of skin burn rather than lig fatigue which is really annoying me.

As far as wrapping goes… originally i was just using theraband, but this was really tricky and the skin tended to get folded up inside the wrap (so it pinched when compressed). Then i used the toilet paper to line the hanger approach - this worked pretty well up until recently when I’m getting this bloody pinching at the top.

Sorry if I’m being a newbie here guys but please gimmie some pointers!


Hey Tigermoth!

I´m not Bigger but I´ll give it my best shot!

Maybe you should widen the bottom gap of the hanger, losen the two wingnuts and then adjust outward with the nuts and retighten wingnuts. This should allow you to place yourself as low as possible in the hanger, if that isn´t allready possible.

Now, this is a bit tricky at first but you´ll get the hang of it eventually, stretch your penis with one hand and wrap it with the other. It may help to use a little piece of tape the first times you do it. Now, if you wrap fairly tight, but not too tight, you should minimize the pinching problem!

If not, then you can try to stretch the penis a bit while attaching the hanger too, keeping it low in the hanger during this.

Skin stretch, sorry, there´s no helping this. You WILL have to stretch skin at one point or the other, what you can try is to change the point of attachment to closer to the head. Experiment with this and be sure to tighten the hanger enough.

Hope this helps, and keep trying!


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I use to have this problem. It takes practice or should I say repetition to get it to be second nature.

What I do is with my left hand I grab my head with my thumb and index finger. I stretch out as far as possible and with my right hand I carefully attach the hanger. The trick is this. Before you tighten the hanger use your right ring finger to push up the bottom of your dick (this prevents pinching underneath). At the same time push down on the top of your dick with your right thumb. You’re almost out of fingers but use the right index finger to tighten the wing nut.

If you can learn to tighten that wing nut with that free finger and keep your dick pinched together, your problems of pinching will be behind you.

Good luck

I’ve had the same prob——-there’s a dexterity learning curve to applying a hanger, no question!
I tend to “loosely” attach the hanger, then deal with skin folds manually before tightening. Even with that all said and done, sometimes it feels very comfortable, and other times there’s a damn skin fold I missed. Trial and error, Tigermoth. Just keep at it.

BTW, what weight are you hanging at now, and how long have you been hanging?

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cheers guys

Thanks for all the input nguys,
i’ll try to pefect some of thos etechniques and get back to yu :)

I hung for 2 x 20 min sessions for the first 10 days with about 8.25 lbs (rough kg convertion).

Then i upped by hanging tome to 3 20 min sessions for about 5 days, and i recently upped the weight to 11 lbs.

i must say though i think i was getting a better lig pull / less discomfort with the lower weight so i might go back for a while.

Homebrew hanger question?

Being a former Grip user, I since trashed that thing and just made the homebrew hanger from 1.25” pvc. It could stand to be maybe 1.5” to get a better grip.

Anyway, the grip pulls from the head and I got a very good lig stretch using it in the straight up and 45* positions. Since the grip pulls directly from the head (which I got use to over the months), the home brew hanger pulls from the shaft which seems hard to get use to.

I don’t seem to feel the stretch in the ligs and tunica like before just skin stretch. I tried placing it closer to the head but the head gets pretty red from blood pressure. So I was wondering what the trick to this type hanger is. I really want to use this hanger because it’s design is great for reliability and consistancy.

I’m currently using sports wrap at the moment but need to get some Theraband, would that help anything?

Need some advice bad to make this thing work.



Ineed9, why did you quit using the grip. I’ve had one for years and still use it. Just wondering.

It ain't over till it's 10" (or 12 ")

GMJ also has quit the Grip, It was great for a while and did give a good pull which I always applied SD but I found that I could only wear it for 30- 40 mins max and that I had no control over gland temp, numbess or colour. Also I have found out that a Bib produces a more intense pull than the grip When the two are compared at the same weight.

I feel this is because it grips the internal structures while the grip only holds on by the Glands using vaccum. Also when me sleaves burst with weight on, my toes were always in the drop zone of the weights coming down.
I use the Bib now and Am getting more in tune with its appliacantion. I feel the Bib has the capacity to have me hanging for years and progressively increase weights without fear of damage to the hanger.

Hey MasterBuilder,

The main reason I quit the Grip was, I ordered a new hour glass sheat from them online (that was a yr ago). A day later I got an email from one of the grip guys saying the shipping was gonna cost more than the sheat itself and so wanted to know If I wanted to proced with the order.

Anyway, I think he wanted me to order something else but that was all I needed at the time. The sheat was never delivered and my card was never charged. Thats when I give up on the grip. I had never had any problems when James Jr. took the orders but that just pissed me off.

Actually I really liked the grip and always got a great lig pull from using it.
Another thing, the g-flex sleeves stretched out of shape and the grip couldn’t keep a consistant vacuum when I was ready to hang. All that just added to the frustration. When your ready to hang, your ready to hang.

So now I made the home brew hanger and trying to figure out how to use it. It’s a different pull than the grip- pulling from the shaft and not the head. I’ve been using an LA pump for about 2 months now with a cockring and getting good results so far. No agrivation using the pump… simple and easy to use.

Can anyone give some pointers on the best way to use the home brew (Bib type) hanger)?




What type of homebrew hanger did you make? It is hard to tell you how to use it, if they do not know what it is. Give as much information as possible and also exactly what types of problems you are having.


Hello Bib,

I made the hanger from 1.25” pvc electrical pipe like Frenchy and Tryformore made.
I went by their pics and design to make it. Actually, it’s just like your Bib starter I suppose. I used a heat gun to form the upper and lower bends where the screws and wing nuts go for tighting, then applied silicone for the grip padding and turned out pretty well. Actually, 1.5” pipe might be better, more surface area.

I have read a lot of info in the hangers forum on this type hanger and wrapping techniques so I basically know how it’s suppose to work but as I told MasterBuilder I use to use the Grip which pulls from the head. This one pulls from the shaft (maybe i just got use to the Grip) over the months.

Anyway, when I use this hanger it’s just different in that it stretches the skin at the base and there’s some head pressure build up @ 4-5 lbs (testing weight). I know these are common and I would probably get use to it just as I got use to different things about the grip.

What’s your advice? Just keep using it and try different things over time?
I think I’ll like this hanger in that it’s a consistant design that’s reliable once I’ve got things down pat.

The Grip was very unreliable in that sometimes it would hold a vacuum, sometimes not. Very frustrating.

Hope this is better information. If not let me know. I really want to make this hanger work for me.
Thanks for any advice.



I have never hung with the TP approach. But as far as wrapping goes, you need to wrap tight enough to keep from pinching. But loose enough to allow for circulation. In general, wrap loose toward the head when starting the wrap, and get tighter as you spiral down. Also, try to use as little wrap as possible, but still be able to tighten down and allow for adjustments to the hanger.

Did you try a cloth underwrap beneath the Theraband?


Do you play the piano?


>I made the hanger from 1.25” pvc electrical pipe like Frenchy and Tryformore made. I went by their pics and design to make it. Actually, it’s just like your Bib starter I suppose.<

Hmmm. Hard to say. Maybe they can chime in and help you out. But let me ask you this: Are the two halves static in relation to each other, except for the top tightening screw? If not, your hanger is probably not solid enough. If when tightened, the two halves give in relation to each other, your penis is probably flowing through the hanger, and the head is taking all the stress.

Also, when tightening down, do the two halves bend at all? That can be a problem also.

>What’s your advice? Just keep using it and try different things over time?
I think I’ll like this hanger in that it’s a consistant design that’s reliable once I’ve got things down pat.<

Without knowing the exact physics of your hanger, I would be hard pressed to tell you the problems, other than the one idea above. You will probably just have to invest some time, find out where the weak spots are in the design, and try to compensate.

If you had a picture, that might help.



To answer your questions. I have to say that yes the 2 halves are pretty perportional to one another. There is no give in them when the two halves come together and actually the pvc is very strong after molded.

The hanger is not perfect but I think pretty close. I’m sure your Bib starter is perfect compared to this but I just wanted to give this type of hanger a go to check out its performance.

If you like, there’s a picture over in the hanger’s forum, 1st JPEG under Frenchy’s Hanger. Actually the hanger works well and using the silicone sealant as a padding does a good job of gripping the wrapping.

As for head pressure and skin stretching at the base I think you’re right, I will just have to experiment more with it and work thru those problems like everyone else.

I know there is a learning curve to hanging. I will figure it all out.
Thanks for your help.


Originally posted by Bib

Do you play the piano?

Ha Ha. Nope, the guitar.

Be very careful of getting the top of your shaft pinched up in that bolt or hanger teeth. There are lots of nerves in that area of your dick and if you would like to use it for awhile (like the rest of your life) it would be wise to take their advice and push your shaft down and get it low in the shaft well as possible.

I speak from experience.


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