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Hanging and Kegels: Useful or Useless

Hanging and Kegels: Useful or Useless

What is your belief on kegels?

Are they only there to maximize what you have..
Are they there to stretch out your buddy..?

I notice after I do some nice kegels - I mean holding these for 5-10 minutes at a time, then some rapid kegels for an additional 2-3 minutes and then starting all over again - I can feel some “fatigue” and it feels like a light hang, but the penis seems to recide within the body…?

I know people say this is temporary, but I don’t understand: how long will it show effect and what exactly is this effect?

I also kegel while hanging, this is awesome, especially for btc…

What else I do while hanging btc and kegel…at the time of the kegel squeeze I put pressure with my forefinger and middle finger on the lig. that is about the cock, the one that seems to be connected somewhere on the pubic bone…that feels like it fatigues it to hell…try it

another method you may wanna try, and get back to me if you get results is, instead of kegeling while in btc mode, you might wanna try to suck the stomach in…so you can feel a pull or a burn on the “btc ligament” I feel a totally different pull when I do this, and I think I may be on to somthing…if it hasnt already been onto…

Sucking the stomach in and pressing the pelvic bone up&out a bit while hanging has been around for a long time. I do that myself and I can really feel a burning stretch from that one, it’s a bit hard to keep it going like that though.
Also if you were to open your legs up wide (like a frog on it’s back in a biology class) and reverse kegel while hanging, you can feel another great stretch that way as well. I’ve done that while lying on my back hanging BTC - now there’s a lovely visual for ya.

As for kegeling on it’s own - I’m gonna let someone else handle that one who has a bit more experience with it and their own philosophies on the subject.
I believe it works not only to “maximize what you already have”, but to also “stretch out your buddy”. But it works for other reasons as well - improved erections, prostate health, better sex life, blah, blah and blah…
but like anything you gotta do the exercises the right way.

I read somewhere that the “right” way was to do only a few (in comparison to 500-1000’s) a day, but you have to do long sustained clamps until you can feel that PC muscle flutter, then relax and do it again.
I think I read that the preferred maximum a day was up to 20/25, but it also said that up to 50 was good as well.
I’ve done the 500-1000’s with the quick clamp-release methods and sure they fatigue that muscle out pretty quickly, but ultimately I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything other than to just wear my PC out…the 25-50 a day with sustained clamps focusing on feeling the flutter has been alot better for me personally.
But everyone’s PC responds differently to the way they do their kegels…so I’m gonna let them answer.

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