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Hanging AGAIN with Bib Starter

Hanging AGAIN with Bib Starter

Hey gang, it’s been an looooong time since I last posted. Eleven months ago I met a lady that was a perfect FIT for my, ahem, equipment :D Fully inserted I pressed nicely against the back of her vagina and occasionally caused discomfort! All of this with my measely bpel of 6.7” Prior to her I dated a lady that I could NOT get my entire dick inside of!!! Talk about a complete mind job. All my life I had a small penis and now I am TOO BIG for some!!! Outrageous.

Anyway, for about a year the only PE I have done is occasional jelking while doing marathon hard on sessions, IOW, long periods of maintaining erections. Why you say? For me, this has given me the sexual stanima of a 20 year old. At the age of 42 I can get it up an average of 3 times per night with many more times on occasion. This whole PE / penis health thing has DEFINITELY changed my life and ATTITUDE!

Back to my post title… the GF is history so I figure another inch (or more) in length and girth would be VERY COOL :cool:

So, out comes the Bib Starter and away I go.

One BIG change I have made to my routine is MORE sets at LESS weight than when I was hanging before. Before I was up to 15lbs and would get in 2-3 sets 4 or so days a week. Honestly, I can not credit any of my gains to hanging. I never got truly fatiqued and hated the time and hassel of heat, wrap, adjust, BTC, repeat. Just burned me out and without gains had no motivation.

This actually brings up a point. IMO, most dicks have a certain amount of GIVE in them. IOW, they will expand, length and girth a certain amount with minimal effort. This IMO is the reason for initial gains. Continuing on with PE will cause these gains to become more or less permanent. My own gains stayed!!! For me, this worked out to 1” in EL and 3/8” in EG. The girth is interesting, although not apparently much in EG my FG is MUCH bigger. My typical FG is nearly as large as my pre-PE EG!

Anyway (sorry to ramble) I am now hanging without warmup, using only a baby sock as a wrap and alternating between BTC, SD, and SO. For weight I am using 7.5 pounds. Frequency is any chance I can get. This is typically a couple sets in the AM followed by a couple mid day and a few more PM. Averaging probably 10 twenty min sets per day and so far have about a week under my belt. I am getting a MUCH better feel from this effort than before. Per Bib I think I will use FSBPL as my “rule” I use both a wooden ruler and a 1” diameter wooden dowel marked in inches. The ruler presses slightly deeper giving up to 1/4” more depending on effort. Using the dowel I am right at 7”.

I would LOVE one more inch. Anything more is great but one inch would make me feel… well… BIG!!! BTW, the last GF said she felt I was slightly LARGER than average!!! Hell YES!!!

FWIW, I am hanging NOW! I am fatiqued with a measly 7.5lbs. I keep hearing Bibs advice “gains are best made by extended time while hanging fatiqued” The previous quote is paraphrased but I think accurate. This is MUCH better than the pain I would feel at 15lbs. I kept going up in weight trying to get fatiqued. The result was a lot of effort, discomfort, frustration and no fatique and no gains. Now, as stated above, I am fatigued with much less weight, less to no discomfort, less distraction, able to do other tasks… I can hold the weight, get up and walk around if necessary (while keeping tension on).

Anyway, I feel much better about my expected outcome and just wanted to post these thoughts.

I’m beginning to think that lower weights might be better for me too.

Tell me, did you ever get the feeling that the larger weights somehow caused your penis to kind of “tighten up”? When I hang with 10+ pounds, the thing seems to kind of retract in response to the heavy weight. I guess my wang is a rebel, because the heavy weights don’t seem to really do a hell of a lot for me other than chafe my skin.

I’m currently trying to determine a point between 5 and 8 pounds that would be perfect for me. I’m also interested in attempting to hang 1-2 pounds comfortably and safely for many hours at a time in between sets of larger weights. “The Grip” seems ideal, but I am not going to cough up the $200 for it until I completely run out of other options.

If I could find a way to safely hang a small amount of weight while sleeping I’d be happy. From what I understand, the sundry tribal groups that were into PE accomplished their frighteningly long units by constantly hanging small weights in the neighborhood of 2 lbs or so. There must be a way.

What we are talking about is essentially traction. Traction has been demonstrated very effective for increasing soft tissue and in fact bone. It only makes sense that it would work on the penis. The only thing that worries me is the reduction in circulation caused by any attachment. The Bib hangers seem best but even the starter reduces circulation.

As I said above, I believe most men have a bit of “stretch” in their penis and by maximizing this easy gains are made. Beyond this stretch other things must happen. One area is the ligs. These are tough and take a lot to stretch but can be forced to with enough commitment.

Next, and most exciting IMO is the growth of new tissue. The traction creates an environment where the body should naturally want to create new tissue. This is seen in virtually any tissue subject to constant stress. Cells are continuously dividing with older ones dying off and newer ones replacing them. By placing a stress it definitely appears that MORE tissue grows. An example would be skin. If a very obese person looses a large amount of weight their skin will be very loose. This skin is not thin stretched out skin but normal thickness and functioning dermis. This also happens in bone and is the used by othopedic surgeons to increase limb length over time. Virtually every tissue is regenerative in the body. Some tissue with little vascularity such as cartilage has little ability to recover but vascular tissue seems very responsive and it is easy to see how vascular the penis is.

So, stetch, pull, force and most importantly GROW a bigger dick :D


I recommend hanging for the amount of private time you have available during the day. Then, increase the amount of weight slowly to be able to stay in the fatigued state as long as possible. IOW, go for the time first, then work up in weight as needed.


Thunder and Bib, thanks for the responses and encouragement! I would NEVER had tried any of this without the efforts of people like yourselves… Thank you VERY much.

In addition to the above I have noticed it is getting much easier to get comfortable with the hanger placement. Even though I am using less weight I am feeling much better about being able to do this enough to make real progress. Since I gained an inch in length I have been plateau’d and the effort to get past that seemed monumental. I am again feeling confident and looking forward to more gains.

BTW, it has been much easier to get the hanger adjusted and placed and the skin pulled straight with using just the baby sock for a wrap. Personally it would have been easier for me in the beginning to use just the sock with a couple of pounds to get everything correct. The mental picture I had was to get as much weight hanging as quickly as possible and that created a problem. I wished I had listened to Bib early on and gone slow, I feel that I wasted the first few months of hanging time because of this.

Oh yeah, BTW, my EX-gf came over last night and after sex we were discussing various things and I brought up my PE. I pulled out the pencil that I initially used as a measureing stick (marked in inches, just over 7.5” long) and showed her my beginning BPEL of 5.75”. Then I gave it a stretch and pulled it all the way to the end, 7.6”!!! I had never stretched that far before using this “ruler” and was very happy to say the least. She said “wow”… simple stuff but damn cool :cool:

One more comment on something ELSE Bib suggested that I just started doing and it is a definite help… Using loose cut off sweatpants while hanging. Before, I was just sitting there with no pants on and even though I am completely comfortable walking around naked it actually added to the hassle and worry about the whole thing.

Now, with the sweats on I feel much less consciences and therefore MORE likely to hang.

It is kind of like going to the gym. If you have enough “excuses” you never go.

Thanks Bib even though it took me a while.

Also, it is very important to have a well padded comfortable chair to do the BTC. I just added a very dense foam pad and the improvement in comfort is huge. It also gives me a little more ground clearance for the weights to hang :D

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