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BIB hanging and PJ...any comments please?

BIB hanging and PJ...any comments please?

I have been hanging with Bib starter since oct 2001 and have started hanging with a regular Bib since Sep 2002. Currently hanging 16 pounds for two sets, 30 mins each daily. Total gains around 2/3 inch. It seems I am on a pleateau. what if I incorporate the PJ device for a supplementary jelqing session in the evening after I hang during day? Will it help? Thanks for your inputs.

It may help, but then again any change may help.

Have you tired hanging at different angles? or doing a 4 15min hangs? adding weight? fulcrum hangs with less weight?

Have you ever jelqed before? You may want to try hand jelqing first to see how you like it.


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