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Hanger sufficient?

Hanger sufficient?

I was trying to create a home-made hanger and was wondering if what I’m doing is correct (or possibly harmful?)

My supplies: an 8 inch (1.5 inch wide) piece of strechable velcro, a long piece of rope, a sock, and a weight.

I created a special type of knot around the velcro so the rope is always attached to the velcro. I’m next putting my penis inside the sock. I’m then pulling my penis and tightening the velcro around (usually takes two loops around my penis). Finally I’m tightening a knot on the other side of the rope around the weight.

I definately feel a good stretch (not painful). Could this in any way be a big mistake and cause bad damage? How do I know if I’m stretching the right place?


Hi, do a search for Captains Wench,you’ll find all the instructions

on how to make a truly and worthwhile hanger.I not to sure about your

hanger,but I’ve been using the the Captains Wench for about eight months

with no bad side effects. regards and good luck.


Thanks for the input, but for the moment, I really just wanna know if anyone has tried this type of thing and if the design is adequate.

what you are describing sounds like it would cut off circulation to your glans- that is a bad thing. Maybe you could upload some pics or a sketch of your contraption?

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