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Growth Rate in Hours per Inch?

Growth Rate in Hours per Inch?

Ok hangers, lets assume we are all hanging with different weights, but we are all getting to the fatigue point with 20 or 30 minute hangs. If you think of the number of hours per week, and number of weeks that you have been doing this and compare that to growth - what are you getting?

Here is me:

20 weeks @ 6hrs/week - 120hrs
growth 3/8”

growth rate 120 hours/ 0.375 inch = 320 hours per inch.

seems like a reasonable figure - if you did an hour a day for about a year you’d gain about an inch or so.

Sorry - I’m an Engineer and have to quantify everything.

Anyone getting results like this?

growth rate


Great question!

I’ve been hanging 12-15 hours a week forever ( the past 9 months) with one 8 day break and I have probably gained 1/4 inch during that time. But I consider myself a lazy ass and don’t do alot of other PE such as ADS etc.

One other significant issue for me is that I’ve been hanging a total of 15 months and had performed non hanging related PE for 9.5 months prior to hanging with good results.

So the gains I have realized most recently from hanging would be secondary gains subsequent to gains from non-hanging activities and the intial hanging results in months one through eight .

I seem to remember Tom Hubbard mentioning 180hours for the first inch with a twice per day( one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening) routine. This info was on his “old site”.

There are so many variables that this might be a very difficult conversion. I think at the rate that the science of PE in general and hanging in particular are evolving this conversion will have to be a moving target.

Some of the issues besides the obvious weight and time are:

(1) Application of hot and cold.

(2) Angle of hang.

(3) Reflexology.

(4) Time hanging in fatigued state.

(5) Quality of the wrap and hanger attachment .

(6) Visualization techniques.

(7) Injuries and Program consistences.

(8) Rest issues.

(9) Other types of PE performed in conjunction with hanging.

(10) Genetic potential for gains

These are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head and I’m sure there are a lot more I missed. It would be great to say,” if I hang this long I will grow this much” but it may not be that easy.



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Rate of growth

I was just looking for the growth rate in terms of the most simple terms. Something that most guys can look at and rough figure where thay will be in a year.

This may help with motivation. Say for example - An hour a day gets me 1/2” to 1” in growth. An hour every third day gets me 1/3” to 3/8” in growth. - Kind of gives you motivation to go for the hour a day doesn’t it?

Lets keep it a 2 variable equation not a 10 variable or nobody will see the point.




Good point,

I was just throwing out some of the other variables.

Also in the first year the growth rate is less likely to be affected by these “other” variables.


Hey Sandman !

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