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knot from hanging?

knot from hanging?

I’ve been jelqing for over a year, stopped experiencing gains, and decided to try hanging. I began hanging 9-2-3.

Since I was doing some intensive manual stretching (which I’d gradually worked up to), I thought I could start in on 10 lb. weights early, and in the middle of last week I started doing 10 lb for 1 session a day. I use a home-made pvc hanger from the Tom Hubbard site (Many thanks for this design!). So far my hanging looks like this:

9-2 to 9-5 : 2 or 3 sessions at 5 lbs.
9-8 to 9-10 : 2 or 3 sessions at 5 lbs.
9-11 to 9-12: 2 sessions at 5 lbs, 1 session at 10 lbs.
9-15 & 9-16: 2 sessions at 5 lbs, 1 session at 10 lbs.

While hanging I’ve also been doing kegels and “reverse kegels”— DLD blasters while hanging.

Today I have a small knot on the left side, mid-shaft, which doesn’t hurt but makes me feel like I jumped into the 10 lbs. WAY too fast. I’m sticking with 5 lbs. The knot seems like its on the ligament, and not a vein. I haven’t had any circulation or erection problems. Again, the knot doesn’t hurt at all (I don’t even feel fatigue yet), but I don’t want it to get any bigger (the knot that is!).

Should I stop hanging till the knot goes away?
Has anyone else experienced this knot? Is it just like a knot on your back?

Thanks for any input! And the moral of the story is that even if you’re an advanced jelqer you’ll be a newbie hanger if just beginning.

Weird, i just had a red knot (experienced no pain while touching it) for few days, at first it seemed to get larger, but today it has almost gone away.

Currently I’m only hanging, so it might be from rushing weight, as you said “I don’t even feel fatigue yet”, my current daily set looks like:

10lbs 3x20min
9lbs 1x20min
9lbs 1x20min

Most people will gain the first month by doing just about anything with their dick - walter

The thing is, I can’t even see the knot—it’s in the center of the shaft on the left…

I’m just taking a break from hanging today and tomorrow and see if it goes away by Friday… if not, wait till Monday start hanging again.

anyone have advice/experience along these lines?



Well, it is not a lot of information to go by. During my hanging career, I had a lot of bumps, bruises, etc. that came along.

I always judged my condition by how my penis felt. If there was pain, I stopped what I was doing. If there was no pain, but discomfort, I lowered the intensity.

Only you or possibly your doctor can judge what a specific knot is, or what it means for PE.

Jumping directly from 5 to 10 lbs. was probably not a good idea.


I meant to say good luck, and I how it gets better.


That should have been “hope” not “how”.


Thanks Bigger.

I’ve taken yesterday and today off from hanging, will see how I feel tomorrow, and will ease back into 5 lbs. 2 times a day. The knot has gotten a little smaller already.

Thanks again!

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