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Fulcrum brought me back

Fulcrum brought me back

Hi bros!

My last post was about 4 months ago, where I switched to fullcrum hanging, due to no gains again. Well, in these 4 months I got another 1 cm BPSL (no BPEL gain again! This gets anoying) and now I’m going to hang the last 3 days before my summer break (I’m burned off, hanging to 3 hours a day, now for almost a year without any brake but the off days. I’m really looking forward to that break that will last for 5 weeks.)

Then I will get back to fullcrum hanging I think.

By the way, I placed the member on the “Stick” on two differnt areas, middle and first 1/3 close to the body. When I press the member at these areas (not hanging!) I can feel a little “Knob”, well, two exactly, one at the area in the middle, and the other one on the other area.
I think it’s just a natural hardening of the body, like your weeling a rollingpin up and down your shinbone daily to support hardening (martial arts).
To you fullcrumhangers: do you got these knobs too? I think so ..

Fullcrum hanging is super I must say as a hardgainer, and I can’t wait to get back to it with refreshed will in five weeks.

So Long


Your persistence is inspiring, I haven’t gained since december or so. Although there was a deconditioning break in there, and I switched from girth focus back to length.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

So far I really like fulcrum hanging, although it was a bit uncomfortable to start but it’s definitely the way to go for me right now, and then once my lot rises a bit (back to about 8) I’ll switch back to BTC. Till then it’s fulcrum all the way. Good luck Lost.

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