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Keeping skin back.

Keeping skin back.

How do I pull the skin back and keep it back, then wrap with T-Band prior to hanging?

I have been PE’ ing for almost 2 years. Received my Bib starter and have been learning to use it the last few weeks. Great product. I have had some great hanging sessions with nice pink head for 20 minutes. This is not always the case as I am still learning how to adjust this device. The current hurdle is: how do I pull the skin back and keep it back, then wrap with T-Band prior to hanging?

I have tried several methods short of getting a neighbor for an extra set of hands. :) This seems to be my biggest challenge in PE right now. Has any one addressed this issue successfully?

By the way GREAT Site!


Hey Falcon

Glad you like the site. Bib is pretty busy for the next couple of days, so just in case he doesn’t get back to you (although I suspect he may) here is a list of search results on wrapping from this Hanger’s Forum. They start with the oldest and go to the newest, I’m pretty sure that you will find a lot of answers in the first ten or so posts. If not, you will learn something from it I would be willing to bet. :D

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T is correct. There are some really good threads on wrapping. But one of the biggest helps seems to be wrapping with an erection for many guys.

This is kind of like training wheels for wrapping. You don’t have to struggle to stretch the penis and it seems to be easier. Also, it would be hard to get the wrap too tight if you are erect. But you do have to let the erection subside completely before hanging.

After you get the hang of it, you can then go to wrapping while flaccid.

There is a thread where I explained how, on a finger by finger basis.

Let us know if there are any more problems.


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