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Fatigue in the ligs

Fatigue in the ligs

I believe the point is to hang until you reach fatigue in the ligs, correct? Well, as some of you may have read, I wasn’t hanging for a sufficient amount of time previously, but yesterday I hung for close to an hour, and when I woke up today, I had an almost soreness in the ligs. Not a bad pain, but I could definitely feel like they had been worked. I felt this right where I suspect the ligs attach to the pubic bone. Is this good? Or is this a sign of too much time/too much weight?

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

I think it’s a good sign, as long as we are not talking pain. Soreness is a sign of working the ligs. Pain is a sign of overworking them.

I’ve heard Bib say that a person might not always feel any soreness after a workout, even if he has fatigued his ligs during the workout. What is most important is what is going on, and what you feel, during the session. It should be clear to you when you’ve reached fatigue. If you still feel sore afterwards, don’t worry about it. But focus on what’s going on during your sets.

I’m certain others with more experience will have more to say.

This is good for you. My sign of soreness is when I manual stretch my wang(right where my pubic bone is) it’s a bit of a sore feeling not pain. It’s like lifting weights all day (bench pressing) The next day your chest doesn’t hurt(injury) it just feels sore. I have just started to really gain with hanging. Started at 7x4.75 now at 7.5x5. A few words of advice Goes, try to get at least 10 hours a week of hanging. I try to do a morning set and a evening set. If you don’t have time in the morning to do 3 sets do 1 in the morning and 4-5(but try to only do 3 sets in a row take an hour break and do 2-3 more) sets in the evening. Just avoid discoloration!!!! If you get long lasting(like a day or two) discoloration you gotta take a break from hanging. I remove wrap and do some light clamps and light jelqs to avoid the black blue head that can come from alot of hanging. Last and important for me is a ACE bandage and a few rubber bands. An ankle wrap from CVS but anywhere is good. It works good for a traction wrap. After a long hanging session I jelq lightly get a good erection full length and traction wrap with the ace bandage put the rubber bands on to hold it and avoid that damn turtle effect. My dick stays about 7 inches long in the ace bandage for an hour or two. Oh and check out the all the ways to hang BTC SD SO OTS. I sit and hang on my computer desk to get the BTC (between the cheeks). Read LILBIG long thread on hanging he might be one of the biggest gainers from hanging and well documented routine. GL Goes.

Thank you very much for the replies.

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

Since I too am curious what lig fatigue really feels like I’ll chime in. Comparing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to the pain felt from lig fatigue is in my opinion like comparing apples to oranges. I’m no expert in PE, much less in hanging, but I’m fairly experienced with DOMS. DOMS is, at least to some extent, caused by the build up of lactic acid. DOMS is also not an adequate indicator of enough stress being placed on the muscle to have caused micro tears.

In bodybuilding, at least, you want these micro tears to occur and to heal as fast as humanly possible, which results in a larger muscle. In a nutshell this is referred to as hypertrophy, but that’s a very vague definition of what hypertrophy is. With lig fatigue, on the other hand, you want the micro tears to remain for as long as humanly possible. Healing is a bad thing, because often the ligs heal back stronger and more compact than before, so you could actually lose length.

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