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exchange bib for starter

exchange bib for starter

I bought a regular bib hanger about 2 or 3 months ago but it is too big for me. Would anyone like to exchange me if you have a starter and feel you need a regular bib?I would really like to hang but its just too big. Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks in advance , glzach

Just buy a Bib Starter and keep the original for when you get bigger. Thats what I’m doing.


You have a few options with this. You can buy both like me. Or you can try and trade it to someone else which will be a bitch the vast majority of time. Or you can build your own starter using the prints here. You can make a Hanger by Hubbard called the AFB or use the Captnwench device until you get enough size. There are also other hangers I believe by Piet , Chickenchoker, and Pasil. Your last option is just do manual stretching and jelqing until you get big enough for the hanger.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I ordered the starter but perhaps it’s too small for me, I’ma let you know as soon as I get it.

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thank you for your support gentlemen, i appreciate it. i have jelqued for 3 years and gained almost 2 in. but have reached a plateau. i was hoping hanging could help me break it . any one else have this scenario happen? (reaching a plateau and hanging to break it?)

i have the same problem, because the bib might just be a little too big for me, i think i am getting the starter.

I suggest that if you have never used the method of hanging try to construct yourself a captn’s wench before shelling out the money for a bib. I’ve tried alot of homebrew hangers and this one IMO is the best. Now I’ve never used a commercial bib but being the penny pinching college student that I am I went with the wench and I must say that I’m planning to stick with it on the long run. Hope this helps

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