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Doing Straight out Hanging Positions

Doing Straight out Hanging Positions

Hello all. I’ve been hanging for about two months now and getting good results I believe (haven’t measure yet). I’ve only been doing BTC and I’ve noticed that you can literally see the new penis that had been pulled out or revealed at lower angles say anywhere below 8 o clock. But as soon as my erection gets above 9 oclock it seems to disappear. I thought it was odd and strange that my buddy is longer at lower erections but then it dawned on me that it was because I was not pulling the underside (tunica I believe) out with it.

I read some where that it is good to have a secondary angle and I would like to make a little bit above SO my secondary angle now to compliment my BTC. I hang about 3 hours a day straight. One hour at 7 1/2lb BTC and 2 hours at 4lbs BTC. I want to switch it to hanging 7 1/2lbs BTC for an hour 2 1/2 SO and 4lbs BTC for an hour.

My problem is I honestly do not know how to hang straight out effectively. I’ve searched the forum threads but they only talk about it no one explains how to do it. I was wondering if there was a picture sections that shows ways to do hanging angles and if someone could post it to this thread. Or if there is an official thread that explains how to do hanging angles that would be great too. Also if I could get a vet’s opinion on my observation to add in some hanging to target the tunica at this point in time that would be stellar. Is there an official point in time when a secondary angle is necessary? Looking forward to the responses.

I do straight out stretching, but not using weights.

I use a bungee cord hooked to the back of my desk, so when I am sitting at the computer, I hook my hanger to the bungee and it stretches me at an angle that is basically parallel to the floor, or slightly higher.

I also use it while sitting on the sofa reading. I hook the bungee to the back of the coffee table edge in front of the sofa.

Bungee cords.. That’s great.. I have often tried to think of a way I can stretch without my weights and sitting comfortably at my desk.

This does raise a question I’ve been curious about:

Does the angle of your hang effect your erection. I want a longer erection, and it would be icing on the cake if it stuck straight out instead of just hanging down.

I have a little pulley under my table.

Essentially rope over a wheel with the weight going downwards and the other end attached to the hanger.

Hey guys thanks for the replies. I ended up going with Fulcrum hanging over a half 3in PVC pipe for one hour at 5lbs and BTC at one hour for 5lbs (maintenance). Let me tell you the first time I hung with a fulcrum at the end of the hour I could feel my penis had been stretched from the underside! Low and behold I took off my wrap and did some manual stretches straight out and the underside felt like it was not pulling back as much as it does anymore! Was a very happy camper :) So I’m going to forgo straight out hanging and stick with fulcrum and BTC.

Now I was wondering if anyone has ever had this PI as a sign you are growing from hanging. During the months that I have been PEing (about 7 now) I notice that after a hanging session if I got REALLY horny near the base of the penis I would measure some type of growth. Its weird but my theory is that the new sensation of heightened horniness comes from the new penis being outside the body. I don’t know its just a thought. Does anyone else feel that? I was not feeling it from hanging just BTC anymore, even when I increased the weight to 7 1/2 lbs. Thats when I started to feel something was wrong. Then I did my experiments which I reported on and I try fulcrum hanging and now that horniness has returned.

Also sleepy278 I believe hanging angles does effect your erection angle. Especially from hanging this week alone. But when I was doing the Newbie routine with manual stretchesWith fulcrum you can specifically target parts of the underside of your penis. The way you know its working is if you start to feel the stretch on the tunica. You wont feel it at first but as soon as the side ligs fail the tunica then takes weight. As I said just hanging BTC has caused my penis to look abnormal when under 8 oclock so I believe different hanging angles can and will effect the angle of you erection.

Ill be trying my new routine for two months and will report back. The last time I measured I was

BPEL: 7.37
BPFSL: 7.8
EG: 4.5

The routine again is 1 to 2 hours of fulcrum hanging starting at 5lbs and 1 hour maintenance at BTC for my max which is 7 1/2 lbs now.

Finally I wanted a seasoned hanger to comment on hanging Fulcrum and BTC at the same time. Is this a good idea? I’m doing it based off of my theory but was wondering if someone had already experienced hanging both angles and would either recommend it or have a different view point on best angles to compliment each other…Oh shit… Just this second I felt an electric current go up my shaft… I’m growing :)

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