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Straight Out hanging?

Straight Out hanging?

I have a quick question about Bib whenever he did SO hanging. Since he used an executive leather chair the reclined for doing PE, when he did straight out was his back perpendicular to the ground while his penis was parallel to the floor? Or did he recline in his char and have his penis still be parallel to the floor? I also would like to know if there would be any difference in the stretch if you positioned you body and the floor/ or bed and had you penis straight being pulled through some pulley system straight up toward the ceiling. My question about the last hanging method has to do more about blood circulation since you penis would know be about your heart. Or maybe that has no relevance.

You can do SO from any position that pulls your penis at approximately a 90-degree angle to your body. If you’re sitting, you have to consider whether your sitting position (reclined or leaning forward) tilts your pelvis forward or back. If you’re reclining, you’ll need to raise the hanging angle slightly; if you’re leaning forward you’ll need to lower it slightly.

Lying on your back with a pulley overhead is an easy way to do SO. Just be sure the weight doesn’t fall in top of you.

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Does elevating penis above heart have negative effect?

I was wondering this because I was considering hanging SO by lying on my bed and have the weights hang from the ceiling. In doing this your penis will be elevated above your heart and Ive heard that it might limit the blood flowing in and out just like when you have a wound and your supposed to elevate about you heart to reduce swelling and what not. Do you think that this has any relevance at all in relation to you penis?

I have no idea whether circulation is more reduced when doing SO work on your back as opposed to sitting or standing. Even if it is, I don’t think hanging while lying on your back presents a great hazard as long as you carefully monitor your glans for numbness and coldness during your sets.

Maybe somebody who’s actually tried this can give his opinion.

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As far as circulation, I didn’t notice a difference with lying down vs. seated.

In terms of set-ups for lying and seated for SO work, take a look a this:

How do you rig up SO hanging?
MX - How do you rig up SO hanging?

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Maybe somebody who’s actually tried this can give his opinion.

Here`s the scoop. I hang mostly while laying in the prone position, in bed. Very simply, I have a very small pulley attached to a hook in the ceiling, at the end of the bed. You can take this down in just a few seconds. All that is left is the little hook. It works great for me, cost me about $3.00 for the pulley and some light clothes-line rope. I guess you can say, I hang mostly, between SO and SD. You could change the angle by propping yourself up with some pillows.

Ahhh. PE while laying in bed, hands free, watching TV. Life is good!!! I have this saying, “work smarter, not harder”.

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Thanks a lot with the replies, I cant wait to hang SO while lying in bed.

I hang SO while sitting at my desk.I have a hook and pulley screwed to the bottom side of the desk,so I can surf the web,read posts here at Thunders which is what I do about 99% of the time or even play a game.I downloaded that timer so I never overdo it and the whole she-bang can be removed and thrown in a closet in ten seconds.

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