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Does anyone use CCH3 hanging device

Does anyone use CCH3 hanging device

Gentlemen we have neglected this device lately. It is very fast to built and it takes 2 seconds to attach or detach from penis.
I was wondering if you guys use this device and if yes, do you want to share your experience with us?

Currently I am using such a device and I must say that it is a remarkable invention. The inventor, ChickenChoker has not posted on this forum since 2005 I think.

Right now I am hanging with 2.5Kg (5lbs) and I must say it feels great although I limited the sets to 10 min to prevent injury. In time I will increase them to maximum 15 min and hopefully the weight to 4-5 Kg but in time, no rush. Also I am using no wrapping, and because of that I fell allot of skin stretch. Soon I will buy some wrapping material and hopefully it will have less impact on skin and more impact on internal structure.

Here are the links to this device.
The CCH3 in action.
Oh looky here! The CCH3.

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Been using one for a while. Great unit for the ease of use. I am doing 15lbs for 15 min then adding 5lbs for last five minutes. I try for one set a day. I also use a theraband type bungee loop that I can hook on my foot and sit at my desk. Vary the load by extending my leg for almost 20 lbs max tension.

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