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To BiB + Tom (H), status of hanging device evolution?


To BiB + Tom (H), status of hanging device evolution?

1st of all,

BiB, you don’t believe how I appreciate what you’ve accomplished both personally, and in these forums. (All the way from the pub14… forum) Even so, I must say I wouldn’t spend $140 for a hanger, theraband and international s&h, including all the hassle with Paypal and whatnot. So, having said that, I’m thinking how hanging should evolve from now on that you’re “retiring” from the hanger business.

Tom, your AFB seems to be a good concept. Now what I’m wondering is the need to wrap. After all the wrapping’s done, it’s just a patch of soft material between the hanger and the penis. Now why couldn’t it be integrated to the hanger so you wouldn’t need to wrap and re-wrap all the time?

Is there some aspect of wrapping that I’m missing?

I’m starting to think anything with a hose clamp is a bad idea. It tightens all the way around the penis, leaving very little room for circulation, and if there’s excess material (hanger / wrap ) then it’s very likely to pinch somewhere. If you really can hang 20lbs or more with pressure just from the sides, I think it’s something worth considering. Now, I’m thinking of replacing the sticks with something that has more contact patch with the penis (along the sides like the original, leaving room for circulation), and adding the padding straight to the hanger. Too much / too soft will slip (especially with us uncut guys) and too little will just feel too painful.

In fact, I think that would start to resemble the Bib hanger… now, all I need is a pen and paper… :)


PS. Disclaimer: No, I’m not trying to outsmart Bib here, but I think Tom Hubbard has a very good point with his “DIY $2 hanger in 20 minutes” idea.

>Is there some aspect of wrapping that I’m missing?

In a word, pinch. When you wrap the hanger, you create a space in which skin can get pinched.

The function of the wrap is to immobilize skin, “thicken” it, and eliminate the possiblity of pinch. The point of the double wrap is - well, for anyone who uses latex wrap, try this (which I do with my wrap): after 15 minutes of hanging significant weight, remove the weight, remove the hanger, and just whip off the wrap. Yes, just whip it off. Chances are you just whipped off a few hunks of very sensitive skin as well. Cloth doesn’t do that.

Latex creates friction so the hanger won’t slide. You could put latex over the hanger, but why bother? You could also attach the end of the latex to the end of the cloth, so you have a single piece to wrap, but really….

sixrod —

I have a few questions for you.

How long have you been hanging weights ?

Which hanger are you currently using?

What type of wrap are you using as well ?

What type of program are you working ( time and weights) and has it produced measurable gains?

dude get real i pay ten gran if i had it and i new for a fact a device would add size to my cock! jeez girls pay tons of money for breat work you wont pay 100 bucks to add a inch to your prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a word, pinch. When you wrap the hanger, you create a space in which skin can get pinched.

OK, but for example the AFB hanger doesn’t wrap all the way around the penis. Would it still pinch if you didn’t use the wrap? (assuming the padding was integrated to the hanger)

Latex creates friction so the hanger won’t slide.

I’ve had no trouble with the hanger sliding, the skin will stretch instead and the whole package will either end up on the glans (dangerous), stretch the skin (useless PE- wise) or alternatively the hose clamp is so tight it hurts.

I’m just thinking convenience here. When you have to separately attach both a wrap and a hanger, you’re introducing two variables. If you only had to attach a hanger with the padding integrated, you’d immediately know the hanger is poorly attached if you felt uncomfortable. Now it can be either the hanger, or the wrap. I for one have spent way too much time fiddling with just the wrap. Feels kind of counterproductive.


How long have you been hanging weights ?

Not long, maybe a little more than dozen hours of hang time.

Which hanger are you currently using?

Search the hanger forum for “Another DYI hanger (simple!)” for pictures. It seemed OK for a while but now I see it strains the head way too much for weights over ten pounds.

What type of wrap are you using as well ?

Cotton cloth, approx. 2” wide and one or two pieces a foot long each. The amount of wrap doesn’t seem to affect how comfortable the hanger feels, at the moment the trouble is that a hose clamp puts too much pressure on a small area on the penis, and that pressure concentrates too much on the head. Besides, there’s the issue of circulation as well.

What type of program are you working ( time and weights) and has it produced measurable gains?

5days a week if possible, 3x20min. I will probably double the sets when I get a decent hanger. I haven’t measured yet and won’t, until I know (see/feel) I’ve gained. I’m in no hurry.


dude get real i pay ten gran if i had it and i new for a fact a device would add size to my cock! jeez girls pay tons of money for breat work you wont pay 100 bucks to add a inch to your prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine.

I don’t think even Bib considers his hanger “the ultimate hanging device” so I think anyone who tries to evolve the concept shouldn’t be met with flaming. We’re working for a common goal here, and I for one believe we could, and should, develop a hanger that’s easy to attach yet comfortable for 20 minutes with 20lbs or more.

…although I admit that if the public response is similar to yours, I *will* keep my mouth shut and develop my hanger in privacy and simply report the results.



Hey, don’t worry about not buying a hanger. The deal is, some guys cannot make hangers. Either don’t have the tools, the know-how, not interested, or don’t have the time. Whatever. Anybody that can make their own should. They can make something tailored to themselves. As long as it is safe.

Please don’t be afraid to post your ideas etc. It’s been a long time since I was flamed for my hanger ideas. It will not be allowed against you. Some of the craziest stuff works out to be the best ideas.

About the wrap, many guys do not use wrap with the BH. Just a personal choice and depends on how your penis is constructed.

The main reason I started wrapping was to make a semisolid septum on which to attach the hanger. My penis tended to ‘flow’ through the hanger. The hanger had a hard time catching anything. The wrap tends to constrict all the structures a little, bind them together so the hanger can grab them.

This is also true for the skin. After a while, I had quite a bit of loose skin. Just a pain in the butt trying to keep up with it. The wrap makes it a mute point. Don’t have to worry about any pinching. The wrap is really easy once you learn how to do it and get a little practice. It is also useful for other things in PE.

With wrap, if done correctly, you can still have good blood flow to where that is not a problem. Then you can design your hanger to deal with a situation which is healthy.


About the wrap, many guys do not use wrap with the BH. Just a personal choice and depends on how your penis is constructed.

Really? This is new to me, I had the impression that wrapping was a must with all the current hanging methods. Interesting.

My penis tended to ‘flow’ through the hanger.

I wonder if this means what I think it does. When you’re completely flaccid (so any blood trapped in the head won’t stop the hanger) the hanger won’t grab the internals well enough, and moves towards the head, putting the pressure on the glans or falling off completely. (My earlier reply to Tom)

Anyways, thanks for your views.


From my observations, my penis is not particularly unusual, except that after first PE gains a thicker band appeared at the base (ligament?) corresponding to my length increase.

There are only two places I can really grab and pull my penis with the jelq sticks, and I consider this a good indication of what you need to think about hanging weights:

1) behind the coronal rim (glans). I have always hung weight with the glans supporting it (most comfortable with some foreskin in between), and don’t understand why you consider this dangerous…how else you gonna do it?

2) that thicker (ligament?) band also provides a grabbing position. I don’t use this for hanging, because I’d like to give as much of my dick as possible a chance to grow (we’re not really sure where the growth is happening, are we?). In other words, pull from the end.


A little confusion here. there are two types of pinch I’m concerned with:

1) when skin pinches on itself (gets doubled over), which the wrap prevents if done smoothly (no wrinkles in the cloth)

2) skin caught between the two pieces of the AFB - in the “V” where the pieces come together (will happen with any two-piece device)

Your point about two variables (wrapper and hanger): naw. Once you get the hang (so to speak) of wrapping, then you reduce your variables to hanger adjustments: tightness, angle, position on shaft.

Hose clamp:

I dismiss this from further consideration:

1) requires a tool; I don’t want a sharp screwdriver near my dick
2) you want something strangling your dick that you can’t get off without a tool?
3) takes more than five seconds to get off in an emergency
4) distributes compression evenly, instead of concentrating on the parts where sensitive nerves and blood vessels DON’t run.

Note how the AFB keeps pressure off those areas:http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…mages/AFB04.GIF


1) behind the coronal rim (glans). I have always hung weight with the glans supporting it (most comfortable with some foreskin in between), and don’t understand why you consider this dangerous…how else you gonna do it?

Glans supporting the weight is OK, but not when the weight is *resting* on the glans. There’s a whole lot of nerves and 20lbs of iron isn’t bound to do much good to them. But I suppose you’re right, you need some kind of anchor to stop the hanger from falling off. I’m just trying to make sure I don’t have to stop hanging because the head can’t take it anymore, instead of the ligs being exhausted.

4) distributes compression evenly, instead of concentrating on the parts where sensitive nerves and blood vessels DON’t run.

Actually, this is my agenda for developing a hanger that suits for me, and possibly others who find it useful; IMO the pressure should be distributed over the greatest area possible.

With two cylindrical sticks (AFB), there’s relatively little contact surface touching the penis. Take a look at any car’s tires for an example: They touch the ground for a very little sector of the whole tire’s diameter. You already flattened some of that surface, thus gaining more area, but I’m thinking of ditching the sticks altogether and maybe replacing them with 3” x 3” (or so) flat wooden pieces that have the screws go through them just like the AFB. These pieces could then have a slight “canyon” to guide the penis into its place, and maybe some padding.

Vacuum hanging would also have great advantages if a prototype just wasn’t so hard to assemble using household items. Some kind of semi- flexible “skinny-tube” would be required so it would rather “collapse” on the penis than let the penis fill with blood and get all pumped up, not the ideal state for hanging IMO. Then there’s the problem of sealing. But I think there’s potential. It would be easy to attach and remove, too.


I’m not Bib, nor Tom Hubbard, I don’t even come close to the knowledge this two great individuals have. I’ll just state my opinion from the many hours of hanging that I have under my belt (literally).

From my experience with Bib’s new hanger, the homemade version and Tom’s hanger, Bib’s is the better and the more confortable FOR ME, then comes Tom’s hanger, and in the last position comes the homemade version of the earlier Bib hanger. I’ll explain why this is my experience.

When I first started I used the homemade version, made of a somewhat flexible PVC pipe, with one hose clamp to tighten. That was it. It can’t get much simpler than that. For wrapping I used a piece of swimcap. I made good gains with this hanger, but I allways felt more pressure near the head, and once I even had a somewhat frightening experience, where the hanger slipped of. Why? Because I’m uncut and I placed the hanger to close to the head. With just one ring with about .6” where the force of the weight was applied (even if a small percentage was distributed by the PVC pipe, the biggest part of the downward force was applied only in the place of the hose clamp) - it was the anchor point for the device relative to the penis, where the head was the anchor device of the penis relative to the hanger, so only on this two places was the force being (a great part) applied. This created some problems, as anyone with some knowledge of biology and physics can atest. And I had good gains with it without one injury caused by it.

Then I used Tom’s hanger, and it was much better than the homemade version of the Bib’s hanger, because after the explanation above, you can see that the weight was distributed on a bigger anchor point of the device, although in the penis it was distributed on the same part (more or less, depending on the diameter of the sticks). This was more comfortable than the homemade version, but it still provided me with the (more or less) same problems than the homemade BH, so I used it for only some weeks. Also at the time I was a little “depressed” due to my persistent plateau, so I never thought of continuing with it. I know that if I did I would make better gains than with the homemade BH, because it was more confortable.

Then I bought Bib’s Hanger. Not to ditch anyone here, but Bib’s new hanger is light years away from the other two (again, in my eperience). From the explanation above, and for the ones that know how the bib hanger is made, you can see that now the pressure isn’t applied in “one ring” but all through the hanger, with it’s engenious use of the anchor points. So in relation to the hanger, the anchor points of the force applied are maximum, that is, are distributed all through the hanger. In relation to the penis, the same applies, because since all the hanger is applying the force on the penis, then the reaction to this action is applied in the same area, leaving only a small amount of weight to be distributed on the glans area (if you tighten the hanger well and on the place that it should be - 1/4 or 1/2” behind the head - you won’t feel anything on the glans). The weight is almost none there, even with 15 lbs - and I couldn’t think of hanging this weight with the other two hangers, at least not without always looking at the head color and temperature.

So bottom line is, it is possible to make a better hanger than Bib’s new hanger. It’s a good exercise of invention for anyone that tries it. On the other hand, Bib’s new hanger doesn’t have flaws (ok there’s nothing perfect, but for me it has been until now) so it’ll be hard to surpass it. Because without an invention much different from this, and with the current technology for the every day guy, you’ll always have to base your invention on the laws of physics, and this is where Bib’s new hanger excels.

So it’s good that you or anyone else to try and make a new hanger Sixrod, but in my experience (and of countless others, expressed here on the board, and even from others that are “afraid” to) Bib’s Hanger is the best thing now, and there is probably not much room for development in the areas you expressed.

Sorry for the long post.




Good points, but as a response I refer to my last reply; We’re totally on the same lines here, I want to take pressure off the head and distribute it as evenly as possible.

Now I know BH is the Rolls Royce of the hangers at the moment, but as you said it yourself, it’s just physics. If I can come up with a way to comfortably distribute over my penis the weight of 15lbs or more, without spending $140 in the process, IMO I’ve achieved something worth sharing here in the forums.

My guess at the moment is, the way to go is to evolve the AFB in all its simplicity with something that has more contact patch. Let’s see what I come up with.

Even if BH was the peak of development in hangers (which I refuse to believe, PE is a young “science” and I’ll be damned if we’ve already covered everything there is to it) then my task shall be simply to optimize. Even Bib said the BH is a bitch to build (from scratch, coming up with all the bits and pieces required) and I believe it’s pretty much taken his free time, providing us with enough hangers. Now if I can even achieve that little step of making something equivalent to BH in terms of comfortability and ease of use but with less hassle to assemble, I’d consider that a success.



I support your efforts 100%. If you can make an Hanger as (or a little less even) confortable, durable, easy to use, strong as the BH, than that’ll be a success indeed. I think we all like to see new ideas and concepts, that’s how all this PE thing as evolved and if you can come up with something equal (or a bit less) to the Bib Hanger, than you’re another one of those who has contributed to the development of the PE world.

I just stated my opinion because I only see one way of making a Bib Hanger with less cost. That’ll be to do it with inferior materials. But you know what might / will happen when you do it…

All in all, I thank for your efforts and give you full support if you need anything. And this board is great to discuss ideas, like it has been done here.




UIShrike, thanks for the detailed review great info, that took some effort. Here’s may take on this and I haven’t used any other hangers besides the bib hanger.

As I sit here typing this I’m hanging 30 # with ZERO discomfort, since September i’ve gained 1/2 inch in length( on top of 1 1/3 inchs in the year prior not hanging). I hang on average 12- 15 hours per week.

IMO if a guy has 10 -15 hours per week to hang and can come up with 130 bucks this is a no brainer, buy the bib hanger. If you are commited to making your dick bigger, longer I guareente this device will do it. If you have more time even better.

Having said that if Sixrod wants to brain storm out a new hanger great, however and maybe I’m outta line, but don’t come to me with a total of 12 hours of hanging experience and none with the bib or Hubbards design and tell me how it is.

Bigger spent 100’s of hours designing and testing his hanger and 1000’s of hours using it and his results speak for themselve.

His hanger is the best hanger available anywhere period !!!

And on Apirl 30 it won’t be manufactured anymore this is serious shit if you want to make your penis bigger.

Anyway back to Sixrod, if you can built a better mouse trap great BUT I hate to say it everytime you change your idea it starts to sound more and more like a bib hanger.

And until you actually built a homemade bib, use a production model and spend some time hanging your creditabilty is pretty low.

I’m not trying to be rude, however it is what it is.

have a great day

hey bud i spent 400 bucks on the trac man and im happy i did! i have a bigger dick as a result!


Thirty pounds - do you think you really need that much?

It would be pretty easy to increase the AFB surface area - just glue a couple pieces of pipe together. I’ve done it, just haven’t pursued as I’m happily hanging 15# with what I’ve got. I haven’t been doing twenty just because it’s a little more wear and tear, reducing total time…

Maybe you can inspire me to greater achievements….

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