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Hanging with 1 pd Circle Device

Hanging with 1 pd Circle Device

OK, started hanging with my new circle device since 8/10/03. I caught this thing on sale, 25% off regular price so I thought I’d give it a shot to see what it could do. It is the 16 oz (1 pound) unit which seems better for all day hanging over the 12 oz model.

Anyway, I’ve hung heavy weights in the past (6- 8 pds) using the grip (a few years ago) and also used their ADS after heavy weight sets, so this device seemed very easy to use and I can wear it over many months just hanging around the house.

I read some back post on this forum from 2002 on guys using golf club weights in 1-2 pd range with good results from those that used it for at least 3 months time. I know there’s been negative feedback that it’s not enough weight to produce measurable gains.

BTW, I have the 16 oz unit attached directly to the head so to give the best possible pull and it does put a nice comfortable stretch on the ligs so I’m happy with it so far.

Just wondering if anyone had tried similar device and what kind of results you’ve gotten over any length of time.

Thanks for any feedback.

Good luck buddy but be careful. I used a circle device a couple of years ago and all i got was blood spots, tons of fluid build up and a very discolored member for several months. For the price I paid I could have bought a bib starter and a bib regular hanger (which unfortunately I didn’t know about at the time).

Keep us posted.

Thanks C Guy,

That’s why I put this question out there to see what others thought of this and other similar products. I know what you mean about the discoloration, blood spots etc. I noticed that too after only one hour of using it.

I took a clue from a guy here on the board who made a homemade bib type hanger from PVC and I put 3 beads of silicone on the inside of the CD to give it some teeth to grab the internal instructure of my johnson. That helped a LOT!

Instead of placing it midshaft, I’m placing it just above the head using sports wrap and Theraband. Actually works very good, no slippage.
Any more weight above 16 oz would I think be too much to hold.
This is working fine so far.

Don’t know about any long term gains yet.. still debateable so I guess I’ll see how it goes day by day. I’ll keep you posted.


I bought the 16 oz. Circle Device and have been using for about three weeks now with some fluid build up each day. foreskin seems to be growing more than anything so far. Watch out for pinching at the hinge -hurts like hell.


Yeap, that sucker can light you up if you let it clip the skin alright! I’m placing mine down just above the head using theraband instead of putting it midshaft as directed. I get no pull on the ligs using it midshaft. Seems the way it’s designed it will only stretch the foreskin more than anything else like you said.

I’ts a great design, being easy to use and I think heavy enough to work over time… I think anyway. I’m now second guessing the directions about how you can wear this thing all day long. The head of my pecker turns cold if I wear it any longer than 1 hr at a time. So I’m using a 1 hr on, 2 hr off (4- 6) hr’s p/d routine so my johnson can have time to recover before applying the device again.

I’ve found from hanging in the past that recovery time for the penis is bout as important as the act of hanging itself. I was trying to wear the unit 8- 10 hrs p/d, but that just seems to be to much work on my rod and non-productive.

I’d like to hear what you guys think about “using times”.. hr’s per day, and any thoughts on this device that might help make it work better.. etc.



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