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Do I need to up the weight now?


Do I need to up the weight now?

Hey everyone. Ive been hanging 5 pounds everyday for 3 weeks now and its been going great. But I have one problem. I heard that you have to hang everyday otherwise your dick will toughen up. but sturday and sunday last week I was super busy and didnt get to hang at all. Is this bad? do I have to up the weight now?

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No, you don’t ~have~ to hang everyday and you certainly shouldn’t up the weight as a result of missing some workouts. If you missed some time at the gym, would you start back by adding weight? Not unless you wanna drop the bar on your chest. Seriously, five pounds is a good weight man, and judging by your <100 posts, and your novice question, I’m going to suggest that you stick with five pounds until it’s hanging off your unit and you think to yourself “Wow, this has become a very gentle stretch and my body requires more.” Good idea to ask important questions that could have serious impact on your manhood. Keep it up!


So by missing a couple days I didn’t fuck anything up?

Current size. Nbpel 7.00 Bpel 7.7 Eg 5.3 Fl 5.1

PE is not a Science, there is not facts that doing this way is better than the other way. It simple individuals experiences and it varies from members to members.

What I means is you have to create your own routine based on the others members experience and success but not exactly the same. Consider that everyone is different and the gains comes the same way

I have wondered this, it sometimes feels as though you have wasted the week hanging if you miss the weekend.

It probably doesn’t effect all that much, but BIB for one does say try not to miss more than 24 hours. His theory is to hang everyday, without any days off. Days off only give the tissue and ligs time to heal and retract.

Makes sense, Horsedick is right there isn’t much proven, it’s up to each individual. I didn’t hang at all on Saturday and I felt bad on Sunday, if you ever get a day you don’t manage to hang, just lay in bed and do some real intense BTC or whatever your angle preferred stretches, really pull that mother, you should be able to get to the amount of tension needed if you are only at 5lbs. Which is a good weight to hang at if you are fatiguing that’s great.

Search also fowfer stretch. Add some of those too.

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Consistency is the key with any PE routine. I must say though, if you hang make sure your using an ADS as well. This keeps the tissues in the extended state. I believe Monty says something about not letting your tissues rest for more than 12 hours. Hang then ADS, repeat the next day. The days you don’t hang make sure you wear the ADS at a minimum for a few hours.

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Is there a guideline in which one should up their weights by?

Onephat, I up the weight when I notice that the weight I’m using no longer causes a substantial stretch.


Here is the principle that I use when it comes to weight adjustments.

I only measure once a month and write it down on a calendar. That way your not chasing your tail on a daily basis trying to deal with variations from all kinds of influences.

When my gains stop then I add a significant amount of weight increase for a period of one or two minutes then I go back to my original weight. It would be best to start out with your normal routine and then add the extra weight after warm up. When I say significant it really depends on the weight your using in the first place. If your using 5 lbs then 7 should work fine, if your using 10lbs then 12 or 13 would be appropriate. If your using 15 lbs then 18 or 20 works. The idea here is to shock or bust up the tissues to get them moving again. What’s important here is to go back to your original weight and routine, because your gains should resume. If this doesn’t give you results then an increase in weight might be required. I say might because there are other things that you can do.

The idea here is to maintain gains using the same weights all the time. It’s not unusual to see gains from the same amount of weight for months, especially when other stressing techniques are used such as changing angles and fulcrums. These can accomplish the same tissue busting affect that extra weight will.

Now this works just as well if you’ve had to take time off and you haven’t been using an ADS to keep things stretched out during your normal healing cycle. Days off are counter productive but life happens. Acquire and use an ADS daily and you wont have to worry about losses or plateau’s.

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I’m struggling with 10.25 lbs at present.

It’s the wrapping that pisses me off.

I might have gone up too fast.

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I don’t mean to hijack the thread OP, and let me apologise in advance, but I think this might help you out too.

I have a question (saves creating another thread big m 8) ).. I’ve been on 10,25lbs as mentioned above for over 2 weeks, my wrapping technique hasn’t always been so great and the BIB hanger has been awkward to perfect, though when I do wrap and get the hanger in the right place it’s comfortable, I only get uncomfortable when stretching the skin too much at the base or being too close to the glans with the hanger not tight enough.

I hung today 3 x 20mins and I found them easier, I have perfected my wrapping today. SO my question is this. Should I move up in weight? BIB has said to perfect the wrapping and hanging first at 8,25lbs which is my previous weight, but I’ve been doing ok with 10.25lbs, I know I should listen to him because he knows what he is talking about, but being uncut I think I find it a little harder.

I don’t want the ligs and tissues to get used to the weight I’m at that why I’m asking for points of view.

Sorry to the Creator of this thread, but I think it might be useful to your original quesiton.

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Increase sets before increasing weight. See if you can figure out what fatigue is.

Speaking of fatigue, how is it supposed to affect EQ?

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