Cotton under glans for uncut wrapping

I had so much trouble trying to successfully wrap my uncut unit, that I want to share the discovery I recently made:

- By applying some cotton under the glans and then covering cotton and glans with the foreskin, before applying a standard wrapping, one reaches a far better grip due to the improved glans size as compared to the rest of the shaft -

Besides, as a result of the increased bulge due to the cotton fill, less foreskin is left for absorbing the weight tension, resulting in a much more effective stretch on tunica and ligs and in a much lighter swelling of foreskin due to fluid buildups.

Once cotton wrapped, one can see that when applying tension to the hanger, not only the foreskin moves ahead, but also the glans and the entire shaft.

I find it much more comfortable and feasible to hang with this system.

Good luck everybody!